Mar 182011

it’s been a busy couple of days! man!

let’s see… we are officially on spring break but it’s not panning out like the spring breaks i remember of years gone by…. sunday coach & i headed down to rockport to visit and to get our teeth fixed… the teeth thing kind of puts a damper on the visiting part… but i must admit that i have the best dentist ever! he’s NEVER hurt me and he’s so good to me … of course he’s family so that helps 😉  coach needed a bit of work done and i wanted a tooth checked… it has been sore off and on since the trigeminal neuralgia junk started…. i was afraid i had broken the tooth or something… or if i was lucky maybe i just bruised it… yes, you can bruise teeth… alas, the filling was broken… that’s some heavy duty spasms and grinding! so i ended up having a few shots in the mouth (OUCH) and getting a new filling… not so bad really… and i also got my bite adjusted so hopefully when i grind and clamp there won’t be so much pressure on the teeth and this can all be avoided….

after dentist time we headed on home… it’s about a 4 hour journey for us… it’s only 190 miles but with all the pit stops i have to make the travel time seems to get extended 😉 and on the way home i stopped to take pictures…. blog fodder, i explained to coach ha!

so here’s some texas highway views for you….

so there you have it…. a road trip in pictures…. i took almost all of them while driving down the road … as you can see, there isn’t much traffic at all ha!


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  •  March 18, 2011
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