Apr 192011
i have been thinking a great deal lately about the crazy crap going on in this world… i mean, come on folks! what’s going on? i have been involved with so many suicide and homicide type calls in the past few weeks … and it’s disheartening.
why is that we, people, human beings are so incredibly horrible to one another? why is that we inflict so much physical and emotional pain on other human beings? how hard is it for us to stop and think that another person feels the same ways that we do… and that by tormenting someone physically or emotionally, well, it will be felt in the same manner by the victim as by the person doing the inflicting…?
i don’t understand… i really don’t… and many times it makes me so sick to my stomach… i mean, think about this…. why in God’s name should any child be in so much emotional pain and turmoil that they take their own life? is that not absolutely horrid? unbelievable? shameful? shame on us for allowing it to continue… to happen at all!
i think we (that’s a generalized we) are so self-involved that we don’t even notice a child who is in so much pain that they want to die… we are so caught up in our drama, our own lust, our own whatever that we don’t recognize a child asking for help, crying out for help… and then when it’s too late… when that child has shot the gun, wrapped the rope around their neck, swallowed the pills, stepped out in front of the car… well then we sit and cry and grieve and say “if i’d only known…”… wake up folks! pay attention! you can’t tell me that people in this much pain haven’t done something to let you know…. i accept that many out-cries are cryptic, or that it comes in the form of aggression or acting out… but really… really… don’t you know that people behave in these ways because they are hurting? please don’t tell me that you didn’t know that….
all people only do things they think are going to make them happy… i’ve written that here before… and it is worth repeating…
no matter what the action (or inaction), it was only done in an effort to feel happiness…. now i know that may not make much sense… and how do you apply it to those who do something horrible like murder or rape or robbery…. but think about it compassionately… the person only thought the action would make them feel happiness….
so ending one’s own life… it end’s the pain thereby creating happiness… twisted i know…
somehow, some way, we have all got to wake up! be aware… really aware… take care of one another… we don’t do that anymore…
this link i’ve included is to a post from almost a year ago.. the ripple effect… i think about it all the time… ALL THE TIME… the ripple effect… everything i do, or don’t do… everything i say, or don’t say…. everything i write…. it all has a far-reaching ripple effect…. same goes for you….
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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