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I had just walked in the door and changed into my comfy clothes after spending an entire day in a room with 50 other new employees going through day one of new employee orientation. Needless to say, it proved to be a long day. Anyway, I had just walked in the door and pulled up my pants when there was a knock at the door. One of our neighbor ladies came to let me know Beulah BIT their dog. Oh my gosh. I feel horrible. Her husband and the dog were standing at the edge of the “yard” so I walked out there. The dog’s front quarter was shaved and there are two puncture wounds. Thankfully the wounds look clean and they aren’t inflamed. I offered to pay the vet bills but they said no. They just wanted to let me know that Beulah had bitten their dog.

Now Beulah does NOT like other dogs in any way. But I’ve never known her to bite. She barks, growls, and generally makes a huge scene when another dog walks by but she’s never been physically aggressive…. until now. Shit. I feel just awful. Yesterday when it happened, I heard Beulah barking and ran over to grab her (she was an a lead attached to the trailer so she can’t go out of our yard). I pulled her in and hollered at her to stop acting up. The owner of the other dog proceeded to keep walking with his dog and I apologized, he said no problem. His dog was walking fine at the time as they left. Then last night they noticed their dog was limping and saw some blood on the floor. They discovered the bite wounds then.

Oh my.

I feel so horrible! And so much time has passed that there’s no chance to use it as a teaching opportunity for Beulah. At this point she would have no idea what I was getting after her about. I wish Beulah wasn’t so adverse to other dogs. Cats, birds, rabbits…. no other animal upsets her utopian like ecosystem… but dogs… all dogs… just absolutely send her over the edge. I don’t get it.

Orientation is going good… well, as far as orientation can go anyway. It’s a two day gig, 8 hours each day. That’s a LONG time. Each department of the hospital campus has a speaker come talk about their specialty. Today was the welcome wagon, then administration, then policy folks, benefits, infection control, customer service, and stroke/heart recognition signs. Most of the information was very good but some of it doesn’t apply to me at all. Tomorrow is more of the same…. well, different departments but the same room, same times, sitting and listening. Some of it was fun. The company has done some of those lip dub videos like high schools are doing. It’s fun to see the doctors and administrators being goofy.

Coach is away for most of the night. He has two baseball games to coach tonight. Bless his heart… it will be really late when he gets home. Such is the life of a coach.

The weekend was one of recovery and lots of sleeping. I’m back to that again. I work all week and mostly do very good with my energy and managing the beast. By Saturday though, I’m beat all to hell. This past weekend I got up early with Coach and went to the#000080;"> #000080; text-decoration: underline;">baseball game that morning. Afterwards, we came home and I slept until well past 4 in the afternoon. Sunday was another lounging around/sleeping day. I did go shopping for a few work things… clothes. I found a couple pairs of pants to wear. My shirts come from the HR department at the hospital.

Oh… and the biggest news, aside from Beulah’s aggressive behavior… I have been forced to join the iCrazy world. I am now the apprehensive user of an iPhone. It was given to me by the job so there wasn’t much choice. At least I don’t have to carry a pager like before. And I was told to use the work phone for personal as well so I don’t have to carry two phones. That saves us some money.

Ok, dinner is ready. And Big Bang is on….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Sorry your Beulah has her insecurities. Long time ago I had a dog that felt that way about cats. A friend of my brother’s came into the house with a kitten and we had to put it into the front loading washing machine for its protection until we could calm Bo (who was a Malamute/German Shepherd). Little kitty would have been a goner. When you write of Beulah, I usually think of our dog Beulah, who was a Bassett Hound. Sweet as could be, but dumb as a box of rocks and not a whole lot of fun. Alas.

    I hope you survive your work week. Nice perk – the iPhone.

  3. Oh, dear! Some dogs just don’t like other dogs. What does the Dog Whisperer say? I only own an evil cat. I am glad you offered to pay for their vet bills. A lot of people wouldn’t go that. 😉

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