Jun 252012
  • I must find a way to stop nibbling on my own tissue
  • I have railroad tracks lining the cheeks inside my mouth… holy cow!
  • this morning queen beulah and I were outside enjoying the 90 degree morning air (coolest time of the day)
  • now this queen is older in age, pretty lethargic, and just sort of enjoying life on her back
  • the queen was lounging on the porch while I was sitting in my patio chair
  • she is attached to a 30 ft lead that is clamped to the table that matches my patio chair
  • all of the sudden she starts going ape shit crazy!
  • for her to get that excited it must be some really incredible, mind blowing event
  • a rather large, menacing looking german shepard dog was strolling by, sans owner
  • no leash, just strolling
  • queen beulah dives off the porch headed for the much larger menacing looking shepard dog
  • the next thing I know, my arse is on the ground and my ankles are killing me
  • you see, that lovely 30 ft lead that keeps the queen for slutting it up around the town happened to be a tangled mess beneath my feet at the point in time she dove for the much larger menacing looking shepard dog
  • and she drug me right out of my chair by my ankles…
  • with me screaming all the way
  • coach was still in bed up til that point
  • he promptly got up and came a’runnin – thankfully grabbing his shorts on the way out
  • I’m fine.. my arse is fine… but my ankles are rather beat up and missing a few layers of flesh…boy do they sting, still!
  • the flesh is probably out there clinging to the 30 ft lead getting nice and tan
  • every few days I make up a batch of chicken salad (yucko) for coach to eat when he comes home for lunch
  • today, being the first day of this new week, was my day to make the chicken salad (yucko)

boiling egg

  • ha ha ha ha
  • the eggs looked truly frightened once I put them in the pan of cool water that was becoming increasingly warmer
  • I must say though that the ink stayed on the eggs through the boiling process… good pens!
  • I should have taken a shot peeling the scared little faces off
  • I spent the morning vacuuming… the whole morning
  • now, you might (or might not) be asking yourself “the whole morning? you live in a tin can…”
  • true… I have about 380 square feet of floor that requires some sort of cleaning from time to time…
  • it’s part carpeting and part tile… I sweep the tile daily due the incessant shedding by the queen
  • but a few times a week I whip out the oreck and go over it all with the sucking power of the gods
  • and that process absolutely kills me…
  • I vacuum for a few minutes, sit for a few minutes, sit for a few minutes, vacuum a few minutes… well you get the idea
  • I think tomorrow I’m going to give myself a pedicure… one would think my car is one of the flintstone variety if looking at the bottoms of my feet.
  • I’m such a troll


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “the queen and the troll”

  1. I can certainly relate to the vacuuming. I have to do the same thing because of my back. I finally got a robotic vacuum cleaner. I have just a little more to clean than you do, but not much. We live in a single-wide, mobile home. I reall love my robot, and it even entertains me as I watch the different paths it takes. Doesn’t take much to entrtain me. ;)))

    • we had a robot thing at work a few jobs ago and it was fun to watch it…. i think one of those things would make beulah crazy lol either that or she would hide when she saw it coming out ha

  2. Ouchie!! I have a cat that constantly tries to walk in front of me and it needs to stop crossing paths in front of my feet. That egg looks a little alienish in the water.

    • beulah does pretty good at staying out of my way when i’m walking but occasionally she will try to anticipate where i’m going and get it wrong… ugh!

      the egg does look odd in the water

  3. Hi honey! HOly molly cow that sounds painful. My feet are trollish too. I can’t find the polish remover and i can’t remember to buy any, I have polish on from 2 months ago so it looks a little “white trash barbie” if ya know what I mean. Glad your ok after your excitement. It is 100 degrees plus today…I am scared to go anywhere in my minivan, it is a good chance i will melt away! LOL! Hugs and love to you, thank you again, i shared more of your artwork! xo

    • oh the old nail polish lol i do that… forget where remover is and walk around with chipped and peeling polish for weeks until i break down and go buy a new bottle of remover haha

      it has been 100+ around here too… and we have many more days of it in the forecast… bleh… just bleh!

      i love that you are sharing my artwork 🙂

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