Apr 042012

if there were one thing that i could do… anything… anything at all… any power at all – i think it would be the power to heal. and i’m not thinking selfishly here (pfft) but just imagine! if i had the power to heal, i would heal everyone i came into contact with… whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally.

ii said i’m not being selfish… i guess in a sense i am  because the first person i would heal is myself. i would take this figgin beast away and repair the damage. i would heal my lungs, my mind, and get rid of the emotional baggage that comes with life’s junk.

but as with any super power, i would have to be ultra responsible and ethical in what i would be doing. i mean, would it be responsible of me to heal a 97 year old person suffering from alzheimer’s or cancer? when does the power to heal begin to step on God’s toes? this could turn into a deep conversation within my head with lots of twists and turns as i attempt to figure out what is the morally responsible thing to do.

how about really evil folks who are locked away for committing awful acts against other people? would they deserve to be healed? what if an inmate is sitting on death row and actively dying from a disease – is it right to heal them so that they could then be put to death? many would say YES! but i wouldn’t be so sure…

you see, there is a great universal plan i think. whether you believe in God or some other higher power, or the trees, or nothing at all… there is a rhyme and a reason for what happens in your life. if you look back on events, encounters, experiences throughout your life, does it ever seem that you have ended up right where you should’ve been to begin with?

ok, so i’ve talked myself out of having a super power….

for whatever reason, this burden of a disease is my life journey… there is some purpose to it and i may not ever know what that purpose is… but it was written in the book of sherri when my soul was placed here…. i don’t like it… not one bit. but i believe God has a plan and me being sick ill chronically ill – i don’t like any of those words – … my having a neurological disorder has everything to do with the plan God has made for me.

when i think about that plan, and incorporate the mish mash of other beliefs i have – like karma – well, then it makes good sense to me.

i just wish i knew what the purpose was so that i would know how to use what i’ve been given…

in the meantime, i’ve been drawing in my little book i won… i just love it! the leather smells so good, the paper is really nice, and it all fits perfectly in my purse or pocket…


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “the power to heal”

  1. Hi honey, great minds think about healing 🙂 luv ur artwork…..im tapering my meds, more yoga and meditation equal less pills. By the way, i would choose cool people like u to heal (hugs) olivia

  2. I guess being a super healer would have a lot of burdens attached. Love your drawings!!

  3. I think you made a wise decision in declining the power of healing. A great responsibility goes with any such power, and you have only seen the tip of the ice berg. 😉

    It’s amusing when you read that people would like to have such and such super power. They never take into account the responsibilities that come with such power. I talk as if there were really such things as super powers don’t I? But, it does on good to think about things like this every once in a while.

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