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I have been working on my mocha frappacino recipe and let me just tell you… damn, I’m good! I have it down pat these days. It’s like my own little coffee shop right in my kitchen. This makes me a happy girl… and coach sorta likes them too.

So, this past Saturday we left for Brenham to visit with the family for a few days, then on to pick up the pony. We stayed at my daughter’s house with her family…oh those grandgirls of mine are something else… they are true entertainment and great love.

It’s about 372 miles from Edinburg to Brenham… that’s a long long time in the car – I am so thankful that coach & I get along so well… can you imagine 7 hours in the car with someone you don’t get along with? eek! When we were about 100 miles from Brenham I started getting text messages from my girlie… she was inviting us to dinner at the graduation party. My baby-daddy makes great BBQ… it’s one of the things those old germans do quite well. It’s funny to me that baby-daddy is so nice to me these days… when I think back on the pure evil he used to spew in my direction… wow.

When we got there the kids were in the pool…. or as little Addi Kay calls it – the poo-loo

I had so much fun watching the girls swim… they have gotten quite good in the water… thankfully! I have always been afraid of the water with the kids. You see, their mom had a really bad experience in a swimming pool when she was very young.. maybe 3 or so. She was away visiting on her father’s weekend and they had taken her to a swim party. She was put into one of those little float chair things and left without anyone watching after her.

At some point, she had turned upside down. When someone finally noticed, the girl was blue and not breathing.

She remembers it very well.

They failed to tell me about what happened when she was brought home. I only found out when she got sick later in the week. Seems she had chemical pneumonia caused by the chlorine in her lungs… from inhaling water.

My kid drowned basically.

I was so angry and upset and grateful all at once. Ever since, I have had a great fear of water and children when mixed together.

After the party, we met up at ye old Starbucks just like we used to do. Starbucks is an obsession… my obsession… (i’m singing that song in my head right now, just so you know). We enjoyed sitting and talking, and we were joined by a few others. It was good to see everyone. It’s been a long time!

(you’re welcome… hee hee!)


Sunday the twins were leaving for vacation. They go visit their cousins for a week in the summertime and have a blast… so we were down to Addi Kay for the remainder of the visit. She is such a different kid when the twins are away. It was fun watching her be herself.

We also had a chance to go out and visit with Dad & Jana… love them! We sat out on their porch for a few hours and just visited. Nice times.

Monday morning we got up and hit the road, back to Austin to pick up the pony. It was great to get him. Of course, we had to buy new tires for the trailer and get them put on before we could load up Pistol the Pony. He’s a big ol stallion of a horse and sometimes he can have a bit of an attitude…. so coach had a bit of sedative to give him. He injected 1/2 of what was given to us for a single dose. Good thing too. The horse was stoned outta his mind! He feel down in the trailer twice. Bless his heart. He has some road rash on his butt and face. But once he sobered up (took about an hour) he rode fine.


 We made it back to Edinburg in really, really good time. I had anticipated a long journey with the horse. I thought we’d have to stop more frequently than I already have to stop – but that wasn’t the case. He actually rode quite well after the first hour.

He’s now resting peacefully in his beautiful new home. He is calm and not showing off too much at all. Normally, being the big bad stallion that he is, he has to show off. He wants everyone in the ‘hood to know he’s there. But this time he’s behaving. And he’s all lovey. Weird horse. He likes people of course, but he’s not a horse that likes to be caressed or loved on. Til now. He can’t get enough. It’s the craziest thing. I’m sure he’ll return to his old self soon enough. I think he must be in shock or something. I can only imagine what’s going through his mind right now.

I made the call to get Direct TV installed. I gave in. We got a great deal. I scheduled the installation for yesterday morning between 8 AM & noon. The technician called around 9 to let me know he was on his way. At 10ish he called again and said he didn’t have the right receiver and would have to go back to the warehouse… in Harlingen. He thought he’d be here by 11ish. At noon he called and let me know he would be arriving soon… but that the remotes are broken. Ugh. This poor kid.

So he finally makes it here and checks out the lay of  the land, deciding we need to pole mount the dish. He run’s up to Lowe’s to buy some concrete, comes back, sets the pole, mounts the dish…. and finds that the big arse palm tree is in the way. Man. So he dug up the pole, found a new spot, dug the hole, set the pole, mounted the dish… and found that it was in yet another bad spot. Finally, on the third attempt, he found the right spot. Now, if it were me, just thinking as logically as possible, I would have checked the signal prior to digging a hole, setting a pole in concrete, mounting the dish and all…. this installation took him til almost 5PM…. and we still have no remotes. He said he would bring some by the house today. Haven’t seen him yet… imagine.

Through all of this, the beast has reared a bit… but not too bad. It’s been worse. I’m tired – say it ain’t so!



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Yummy! Frappucunios!!!! Luv your photos! Hugs, olivia

    • hi olivia! thanks!

      photos are easy when you have such pretty subjects (addi & daughter) lol

      i love me some frappies! and it’s so nice to make them at home for about $1.00 instead of Starbucks for $6.00…. ugh!!

      hope you are feeling well

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