Jun 032012

oh what a day it was yesterday… actually it started on friday. once i made it home from work it was time to start packing things up. the guy helping us move the trailers – taking the old one for trade-in and bringing the new one back for us – was due to arrive saturday morning at 10….

so friday night was a late, sweaty, body killing night. then saturday morning, i woke up at 6 and started getting the remainder of items packed up…. much of it we left in the cabinets since they are secure… they have those special doors on them so they don’t open up when driving. so the food in the pantry, hanging clothes, stuff stored under the sinks, and all our home network cables/devices i left in cabinets.

the moving guys… TDS Transport… showed up about 9:30 and it’s really good they did. there were 3 of them, coach, and nacho (one of the kids) working to get the slides in and the trailer hooked up. the slides… oh my. they didn’t work… had to be shoved in manually… i’m so very grateful all these guys were here to help coach do that!

remembering that the trailer had been parked for 4 years… not moved at all… slides out… we were a bit nervous about truckin on down the highway… the tires, the fiberglass that was coming loose on the sides…so much opportunity for disaster. but we made it, all in one piece… thank you Lord!

we arrived at the rv dealership around 11:45 or so. paperwork was completed…. all those forms you have to sign when buying a vehicle? yeah those. after that was done, we went to the on-site campgrounds for the walk-thru and operator instructions (lame job). once all that was done, they pulled the new trailer up to the old trailer… faced the front doors together and we began transferring all of our prized possessions into the new trailer…. holy cow. it was sweltering hot. i made it for the first 30 minutes and then hit the proverbial wall.

going back to leaving things in the cabinets where they would be safe & sound, no need in packing in boxes? yeah, not so smart…. you see, when the slides were forced back in, they covered up the cabinet doors…. crap. neither one of us even realized that the pantry and other cabinets would be totally obstructed by the slide! i managed to get most everything out of there though. there was just enough room for me to 1/2 perch on the stove and wiggle my head, shoulders, and one arm into the pantry to shovel out canned goods…. the other cabinet had the vaccuum cleaner, computers, home network stuff- wasn’t so easy. coach & nacho figured it out though… nacho got a screwdriver and removed  the half visible cabinet door from the hinges …. that left about 4 inches to slide the stuff through.

lessons learned….

ashley & the grandgirls showed up out there so i sat with them in the car with the AC wide open. all the work got done and we headed down the highway back to the rv park. we got things all set up, slides open, and started figuring out what room to stack the thousands of boxes and bags in…. it amazes me how much crap we have accumulated! and that we had it all shoved up in that old trailer somehow! sheesh! anyway, the grandgirls were a huge help… they put all the silverware and cooking utensils in drawers, they helped figure out which bags belonged in the bedroom… ashley got a bunch of kitchen stuff put up in the cabinets….

then it was time to hook up the cable/internet to the really way cool entertainment system. easy-peasy…. pft. according the dealership, everything is pre-wired…simply hook up the coaxial to the plug on the side of the trailer and you’re good to go. yep. we did that, came inside and turned the tv on… it went through the set up and channel search. and found local channels only. WTF… so i got out the network stuff to see if the internet was working…. nope…. ashley and i jacked around with it for hours…we changed out coax cables, we tried various connections… nothing. finally we gave up. it was time for them to head home…it was 9 at night by this time….

coach and i showered & went to bed. i tossed and turned all night long. just didn’t sleep well at all… think it’s because of being somewhere foreign to me and also because i was so aggravated by the tv/internet mystery…i thought about it all night long and came up with an idea….

when i got up this morning, i tried out my idea… and it worked! i can’t believe it. this entertainment system is quite elaborate… there is a wall mounted 32″ flatscreen, an integrated control hub… all the wiring and connections are behind the tv in the empty wall space… i like that… i have a pet peeve about wires visible and hanging in a web all over the place…. so … there are three places to run coax from … one of the plates has 2 ports and they are labeled “satellite”… the other is for the antenna…. and in most trailers, the antenna port is for the digital, roof- mounted antenna (which works quite well and picks up all local digital channels), as well as for cable tv.

not this one…. my idea was try try using the “satellite” ports…. and… it worked…. sheesh! we struggled with that shit for so long last night LOL

this morning, coach is up and cooking breakfast –on the stove.  novel concept i know. but we didn’t use the stove in the old trailer…we didn’t have the propane hooked up. all cooking was done using a griddle, foreman grill, toaster oven, and the microwave…. no more! i went to storage last night and got out all my pampered chef pots & pans (i’ve missed them) and we are using the stove! even the oven will get used – cookies, brownies, pizza, etc

now it’s on to the unpacking and storing of stuff…finding a new spot for all our junk… there is so much of it… i’ll post pictures one of these days… it’s amazing…

life is happy in the new casa

today is a recovery day sort of… each time i get off the couch (we have 2!) i put a few things away. gradual process and not as overwhelming that way….

this afternoon we are going to pick up my new-to-me car – it’s a project and one that i’m looking forward to – the long sought karmann ghia! i have waited for 20 years to get one of those babies… hard to come by… people who own them don’t usually want to sell them. the project will be to restore the girl… (i’ve already restored an MG midget and built a motorcycle so i have some experience)… the ghia will take me longer because of my beast…. can’t sit out there and work as long now, and that’s not even considering the tingly numbness in my hands or the decreased muscle power…. but i will get it done… slow and steady…lots of pictures here of various ghias


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I hate that HitTheWall feeling; I know it well. I remember feeling so useless – watching everyone else do what I should have been doing. It’s tough.

    I like that you (the royal you) got everything done – unpacked and then packed. Too bad about the malfunction of the slide-outs and the subsequent surprise of lack of access to your stuff! Oh well, as you said – lesson learned.

    I love that you’re going to restore a Karmann Ghia. I used to have a Triumph Spitfire (my first car!), and it was fun [even though I never liked driving a manual tranny.] Always seemed like I was dragging my ass on the ground. LOL

    • i hate the wall! yesterday was good… had a bit of down time and actually got a lot of stuff put away… i’m going slow so i can decide where i want things to be…. what cabinet for dishes, or for food, or where are my folded clothes going vs coach’s lol so many decisions!

      i’m very excited about the car! i love roadster type cars and i’ve really missed my MG. the ghia is going to be fun but i’m really worried that i won’t be able to do the work… i plan to go slow, a little at a time… we’ll see… i know it’s a car i could sell if i find it’s too big a project for me…

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