Jun 132012

working up to day 1 was filled with excitement and some anxiety as well. and although i call june 6th day 1, in reality day 1 was they monday before. coach & i went to storage – the storage unit i’ve had for 4 years…. at $100 a month…sheesh! what a waste of my money! anyway, i had managed to give away most of the big ticket items (washer/dryer, love seat, coffee table, etc) and we had several boxes of wing dings and wam wams left. so we showed up at storage and started consolidating boxes. i dug through it all and decided what to keep and what to pitch. some of the keepers went to brenham to live in our morgan building there. some of it came to edinburg with us. funny how when things are left in storage, you tend to forget about those prized things.

that trip to brenham was hard for me. i said goodbye to ashley & the grandgirls. i cried. a lot.

tuesday we packed up the trailer and got things secured. then came wednesday… the day 1 trip.

for this trip we loaded up low boy trailer… after buying a new tire for it. i hate unexpected expenses. we are flat broke because of them. oh well lol with the help of a neighbor, coach got the motorcycle loaded up and strapped down. we put other things inside the truck and in the bed of the truck. and we headed out… one pit stop on the way to pick up the ghia. alas, we didn’t bring it with us. the rear axles were frozen so we couldn’t get it loaded. we’ll go back and get it at the winter break

i am looking forward to restoring her!

by this time it was near noonish. we hit the road for real. things were going good until we hit stockdale. friggin flat tire on the low boy. we both decided it was good the ghia wasn’t on board…. would’ve been bad. but with only the MC on the trailer, things remained under control. coach unhooked the trailer and sat on the side of the road while i drove back to stockdale to find a new tire. (another unexpected expense… thanks murphy). thankfully, we were only 6 miles from stockdale.

i stopped and talked to a deputy thinking he could save me some time by pointing me in the direction of a tire shop. he told me there was only one in town & it’s not always open. ugh. thankfully, i found the tire shop & he was open. he was sitting in his truck putting his shoes & socks on when i drove in ha! small town business owner… doing things on his terms and screw the rest of the world ha! another stroke of luck – he had only 1 tire that fit… man… i got back to coach within 40 minutes. not too bad. bless his heart… it was hot out there.

we got back on the road and it was pretty uneventful after that….

it amazes me how much oil industry work is going on. i had no idea. i mean, all we hear about is the lack of oil not meeting the demands, the costs being driven up because of this, the government not allowing drilling, and on & on…. i call bullcocky! there is a very obvious oil boom going on down in south texas. there are oil company trucks EVERYWHERE…. no housing available, make shift RV parks set up to accomodate the workers, hotels are books solid… and all this is further evidenced by the crappy situation we found the highways in. holy shit. driving down these highways pulling a trailer was an adventure! i felt like we were in a boat jumping wakes on the water! it was funny to watch the truck coming down off a hoopty as the trailer was on the upside… amazes me how much damage those big trucks can do to a road. (gas down here is $2.97/gal… i like that!)

eventually we made it to edinburg… i think we pulled in to town around 8PM or so. we met with the rv park manager and picked our spot, paid our rent, dropped the lowboy and headed back to austin…. the drive back to austin was sheer hell. we arrived back at home around 3:30 in the morning…. t.i.r.e.d.

we saw the most fascinating thing on the way down to edinburg… at least to us it was fascinating…. around falfurrias we began to see butterflies…. MILLIONS of butterflies! millions… no exaggeration! for miles and miles! the invasion of the butterflies!

after doing a bit o’research, i learned that it is the migration of the american snout nose butterfly… i wanted to take some pictures but it was not possible… had we gotten out of the car, we would have been smashed with butterflies…. they would’ve been in my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, on the lens, … everywhere! amazing!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Storage, schmorage! For years my mother and father had a couple storage units (about $200 a month) just to hold their Christmas decorations. I was shocked when I discovered this fact. Thank you for noting your prized things had been forgotten. People and experiences are all that really matter. Good luck with the move! Kristie

    • it is so liberating to be rid of that dang storage unit lol memories are most important, you are exactly right! the people and the experiences are what matter the most..

  2. I went to my storage unit yesterday. Toooo much stuff for sure and I can’t find a dang thing. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a butterfly, pretty! Good luck with settling!

    • i was so completely amazed at the stuff i had accumulated! there were many things that i’m very glad to have back in my home with me…. some statues, special wooden bowls, pictures, and other stuff that belonged to various family members… the hardest part for me was leaving behind all those books! 972 of them… ugh that hurt

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