Oct 242012

-At some point over the past few days/weeks I find that I have become sick of my rubenesque stature. It’s about stinkin time right? So I have started the low carb, no sugar diet program. Overall, it’s going well. I’ve done this before so I know how it goes. The first few days are hell. Sheer hell. The DT’s are miserable. My body is rebelling right now because I have deprived it of the things it loves most. My head is pounding, my waste management system is… well, let’s just say things are working better than they have since the last time I had the stomach virus if you know what I mean.

-If I can make it through today I’ll be good. Once I get past those first few days it’s all gravy…oh wait…no gravy!! It’s all bacon (there, that’s better).

-This no carb/sugar thing is actually pretty easy. Yesterday’s diet went something like this:

breakfast – a few strips of bacon, 1 cup of coffee, water

lunch – rotisserie chicken, water

dinner – hamburger pattie with cheddar cheese, salad with ranch, water

Total carbs/sugar for the day was less than 20 grams… Perfect.

-Today is also the day that I will begin my new “exercise” program. Tai Chi and the new MS Yoga video. Sheesh. What has happened to me? Diet & exercise? This is not the Sherri that I know. Not even close. And I’ll share with you that this rubenesque slug is starting this journey at 204 pounds… can you believe that? I can’t. My top weight several years ago (like 27 of them) was about 267 pounds! Holy shit. I know. Over the years I’ve lost & gained, gained & lost. At one point I got down to a nice comfortable 155 which is a really good weight for me. Not to thin and not chunky. So that’s the goal… let’s see 204-155=49…. 49 pounds to lose. Man…. that’s a lot of lard to get off this vessel.

-I’ve been rather excited the past 24 hours. I finally figured out how to add a store to my site for the photos. Took me long enough. Now I’m redoing those galleries over there so the shopping cart will work with them. I’ve gotten lots of hits on the photos and people asking about buying them. I didn’t even want to think about printing, or burning CD’s… through this shop someone can purchase a photo(s) then once they’ve paid they can simply download the file. Love this option.

-It’s hard for me to imagine that football season is almost over. We have 3 more weeks to go, and one of those weeks is an off week. That means we only have 2 more games. Those guys have played and worked so hard. Our team didn’t do so well on the scoreboard but in other aspects, they did wonderful. Next few seasons are going to be better and I project that in 2 years we are going to be a strong team in this district.

-What’s after football you ask (or maybe you don’t)? Baseball. I’ve not been through a baseball with Coach. I have no idea what to expect as far as practice time, how much he’ll be away from home. I’m hoping the time he is working is a bit less than it is for football. I would hate to think he has to continue with 14-16 hour days for both sports. The nice thing is that baseball doesn’t really start until January. So he’ll maybe get a little break with more normal hours for the month of December. And of course, Christmas Break is in there.

-I think that’s about all I have for today so far…. of course, it’s early yet so there’s any number of things that could happen….

This is the sky just before the big storm this past Thursday night. It’s also the day I got so incredibly lost.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “The Incredible Shrinking Slug”

  1. It is about time I started on something similar. I think I would like to be about half the woman I am. Scary. Slow and easy does it. And I need to go swimming more regularly again. I think I can, I think I can.

    • I really have no willpower when it comes to food. It’s always been my friend…. always there for me in times of stress, joy, sadness, happiness…. I hate dieting. But at this point I think I hate the way I look more than the diet LOL

  2. Hope the dieting gets easier. My daughter is on a low carb/sugar diet so the gestational diabetes she had won’t rear its ugly head again. She’s a skinny little thing, so I hope she doesn’t lose an more weight. Good luck with the photo store.

    • Thanks Muffie! It’s getting easier already. Today is the beginning of day 3 so by tomorrow I should be past the bad part and on to the right road finally. I’m just so proud of myself that I made it through day 2. Normally, I have this start/stop thing going on… I do really well day 1 and totally bomb day 2 then give up entirely LOL

  3. Good luck with the diet. I am trying to shed a few or 20 pounds myself. Love your photo, great effect shot through the chain link fence!

    • I was sitting in my car as the rain was beginning when I took that photo. It’s not only shot through the fence, but also through my windshield LOL Good luck with your pound shedding as well! We can do this! Right? haha

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