Nov 012012

~For the past few days I have had this horrible sensation in my head. It’s like someone is driving a stake through the top of my skull. I’m ready for it to stop now. It’s a very localized pain that is about ¼ inch in diameter. The odd thing is that the spot is really warm to the touch. I’ve had this before in other places on my head & back. I have wondered if this is the beast eating away at that spot. I’ve mentioned it to the doctor before and he thought it was sort of crazy. He says that demyelination doesn’t cause pain. I don’t understand how that can be though. I mean, it’s tissue that is being destroyed. Following logic, tissue destruction in other areas of the body can be felt so why not on the nerves? At any rate, I am ready for it to go away.

~I joined the public library yesterday. I love being able to go read, browse, bring books home… I spent about an hour there just looking around. The branch closest to my home is rather small but that’s okay. They have good books there & they can request books from the other branches if there’s something I want that’s not shelved there. I like that it’s basically right around the corner from home.

~I went to check on the pony yesterday as well. He seemed to be the same.  I woke him up when I got there … he was standing under the window sleeping. His personality is so much calmer than he used to be. I enjoy him so much more now because he likes to be pet & talked to. Before he would just turn his nose up and prance around. He was such the stud! He still is but for some reason he doesn’t feel the need to present his studliness or announce his presence to all the neighbors in his barnhood. Anyway, he appeared to be sort of lethargic to me and I was starting to get a bit concerned. I checked around with his neighbors… they were all sort of lethargic. It would seem it was time for the morning nap. They had all had their breakfast, hay & water so it was nap time. Funny how all living things end up with some sort of routine in their day.

~If you ever decide you want to participate in human smuggling… well, this wouldn’t be the way to do it:


~Coach is getting home earlier each evening now. It’s kind of nice to have him around more. They don’t have any games this week which means no practice Friday and no work on Sunday. It’s hard to believe football season is about over. They have only one more game on the 9th & that’s it for this bang-up inaugural season. Next year will be better.

~On today’s agenda I have grocery shopping and a few loads of laundry. I’d like to get a few things organized in the tin can but with this ice pick drilling into my head, I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not. The food/clothes thing is sort of a priority so I’ll tackle those first & see what’s left in the gumption department afterwards.

~Our high today is 90 degrees. I knew the cool wouldn’t last. Next week we have a cool front… 88 during the day & 60 at night. Oh boy.



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  11 Responses to “The Ice Pick in My Head”

  1. Well I have an ice pick feeling in my head before (used to be OFTEN) so my neuro put me on topamax and I no longer have them. He called them migraines and dang it, in my case he was right. It’s been 14 years. Recently we tried taking me off topamax and hahaha the icepick returned – so I guess it depends on what you elect to do about it.

    I joined the library too but only to get the card – I check out my books via Kindle. I guess I got tired of lugging those heavy books back and forth. I prefer real books for MY library though. =)

  2. Another stupid criminal! ha ha

    I love the library! I subscribe to GoodReads ( ) and find out all the new books that have come out than order them from the library. I order so many books that I can’t keep up sometime.

    I hope by the time you read this your head is feeling better. xo

  3. My neuro also days that it does cause pain. He is even comfortable with the fact that I have reduced sensitivity in my hands and feet – and still have significant pain. Fortunately I have escaped the ice pick – and I hope it leaves you alone very, very soon.

  4. Sorry to hear about your pain. I hope the ice pack helps, along with some ibuprofen. It’s good that football season is bout over – I know you like it when Coach is around. Besides, he babies you.

    88 degrees? Time to break out the sweaters!!

  5. The funny thing is, when stuff happens to our bodies now the first question is, is this the beast? Sometimes for me it ends up being a fluke but my first question is always, what’s wrong now?
    When I lived in Tyler there was a cow named Raisin that used to come and visit me each morning. When I first got there it caught me off guard. I went out to my 2 other housemates and said, “um, there’s a cow at my window.” Imagine my shock when I got up, stretched, opened the curtains and saw a cud chewing cow. It used to irritate the heck out of me walking her home each morning only to hear her owners say, Ohhhhhh, did she get out again? It didn’t take long before that big brown eyed girl stole my heart and walking her home became a joy. She wasn’t mine but she was special to me.
    I worked with horses here in Indiana as a child. I helped disabled children ride. The horse I was responsible for was named Sunshine. I don’t like to ride, never have, but I love grooming them.

  6. I have had that same sensation as well as what I can only describe as being able to see the damage occurring in my brain through my closed eyelids. I hope your ice pick pain ends soon! I usually end up putting an ice pack on top of my head to cool down the spot. lol
    Stay inspired!

  7. Well I sure don’t of the spike in the head is MS but seriously? MS not causing pain – wrong o bongo in my humble opinion. Hope it goes away ASAP and you get some relief.

    • It always amazes me when folks say MS doesn’t cause pain. My neuro agrees that it DOES indeed cause pain… he just hasn’t had anyone tell him about the ice pick pain in relation to maybe new damage going on. It makes sense to me but what do I know LOL

  8. Ouchie! Ice Pick! Feel better soon! I love horses, but we don’t have any around here.

    • I really enjoy going to the barnhood and visiting the horses. I’ve never owned one before. Pistol has been with Coach for 20 years now so by default I guess I’m now a horse owner ha!

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