Mar 192009

I think we are going to hold off on buying a new house…even though we both want to so badly. I think we are better off just staying where we are, in this travel trailer for now. I am so afraid that we would end up with two mortgages. If he wins the house in Chappell Hill in the divorce, we will have to start making the payments on that. And if I were to buy something here, well we would be screwed trying to make two mortgage payments.

I wish this divorce thing would get settled. And I have to wonder what her motivation is for hanging on so long. Is it that she doesn’t have the money to pay her attorney? Is it that she’s holding out so that she can maintain a tie to him? Is she just lazy? Is she afraid she won’t get the house? Some of the things I know about her seem pretty vindictive and controlling. She filed for this divorce, yet her attorney is putting it off again and again. We have paid Coach’s attorney, and we are sitting and waiting. We won’t get married…he doesn’t want to do that again. But we could move forward on some other things if this divorce would get taken care of.

  •  March 19, 2009
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