Aug 092011

so since I am such a fantastic artiste, I have been asked to do another masterpiece drawing…

and in this drawing a word will be sort of hidden within the lines of the drawing… I did a practice run tonight to make sure I was understanding what this person is wanting…

and now here I am sharing it with you… because I’m nice like that and I know you are all sitting around with baited breath, having already chewed your nails down to the quick… just waiting to see what wonderful piece of art I am producing next…. right? humor me… just go with it! hahaha

I am truly not at all that confident in myself… not at all… I do not dare think of myself as an artist…but someone who enjoys doing line art, doodles… anyway here it is….

tangle s001


can you see it?

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  11 Responses to “the hidden “s””

  1. You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

  2. Ok, I cheated but not intentionally. I saw the next post so, yes I can see the S!

    Sherri, I’d encourage you to start thinking of yourself as an artist. Doodling may have paved the way, however, I think you’ve more than crossed the line into being an artist.

  3. okay. wasn’t it find the hidden item? I’m going back to look for an “S”. I was going blind. xoo

  4. Nope. Held my laptop screen this way and that, up close and at arm’s length away, and I didn’t see an S. Very sneaky of you to leave it out and say, “See how cleverly I hid it?”
    Nice tangling, though.

  5. I really like the detail, but have to confess I can’t see the hidden S. Fail, EC, fail.

    • no fail!! the idea was to hide it 🙂 the project is doing this with the word “GRACE” buried within the art…. and it will be in full color… i think it might be even more difficult to see the word in full color….

  6. What did you use to make it?

    • ah the paper is Bristol smooth and the ink is Sakura Micron archiving pens…. very fun to do.. and very relaxing!! i forget about the big stuff while making one of these… and my tremors are pretty much non-existent when i draw… weird

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