Sep 122011

based on the title of this post, you might imagine that we had loads of rain causing a great flood, but you would be wrong…

coach woke me up this morning at 5:30ish… he said “we have a major water leak, it’s the great flood of september 2011…” shit… so i get up, which is a feat in and of itself… and stumble into the living area of our tin can… there are towels everywhere… and water… lots and lots o water…

a great flood

what a way to start the day!

a few weeks or so ago, we had a water leak that was causing us all sorts of trouble…

no great flood, but a slow babbling brook

coach and i found the bastard and got it fixed… until sometime early this morning… it burst…ruptured… and not just a little leaky like last time… but a huge freakin geyser! old faithful was blowin under our tin can… and gurgling up through the floors…

so we both called in at work… hate having to do that… and we began mopping up water…. we cleared out the storage area under the trailer because that is where the water lines are… and found the culprit.. a water line snapped in two… at 9 in the AM we were sitting at Crestview RV (we like these folks, they take care of us during the babbling brook and great flood days)  buying wing dings and wam wams to fix the problem.

but we had to make another stop to buy some more tools…if you remember, coach’s truck was raped of all his tools

so now anytime we have a fix-it project, invariably we need to buy more tools…. he had what was needed for the plumbing repairs but now we have to pull up the floor… the tile is ruined, the wood is ruined, and the subfloor is close to ruined… so off to the pawn shop we went… first on the list of man toys was a 9mm deep socket… now at this pawn shop, the sockets are just all dumped in these big bins sitting on the bottom shelf… and if i had to guess, i would say there are at least 1,739,129,297 sockets in that bin… we dug and dug and dug… never found a 9mm deep socket… but he did find a 9mm crescent wrench… then we needed a prybar or something similar to pull up floor… didn’t find that either… so, he bought two crescent wrenches… and he spent so much damn money on them that i don’t know if we can eat tonight or not… $1.08!! can you believe the nerve? ha!

ok…so homeward bound… got the waterline repaired… pulled up about 1/2 the floor in the living area….

the great flood of september 2011

the great flood

the great flood of september 2011

so now we have wet exposed wood in the living area… queen beulah is afraid to walk on it.. might mess up her toes i suppose…it’s pretty funny watching her try to figure out how to get from upstairs to downstairs into the sunken living room (it’s only 2 stairs but it sounds good)

i wonder if FEMA will help us out since we’ve had a great flood and all…. hmmm…

we’ve had this other leaky problem too… the AC has been dripping into the sunken living room from the return air vent… we knew that one of us was going to have to climb up on top of the tin can… holy shit… and clean out the drip pan and it’s tracks…

coach is a big guy… and i’m a big girl… but he weighs more than me – thank goodness – so…..

guess who got to do that? ME… yep… i climbed the ladder up to the top of the tin can…

coach handed up power tool for screwing, a scrapper/picker thingy bopper, a bucket of water, and the hose…i used the power tool to remove the cover, used the scrapper/picker thingy bopper to scrape out lots o crap from inside the AC unit… leaves, twigs, mud, and other miscellaneous debris that appeared to be clogging the draining capabilities of the drip pain… then i hosed off the radiator gizmo because it was covered with all sorts of unidentifiable crap… got it all shiny and sparkly clean… then i sprayed a bit of WD-40 shit on the fan so it would spin pretty…. then used the power tool for screwing to put the cover back on…. woot! success! so far anyway….

since i’m the picture taker person in this relationship, there are none of me on the top of the tin can in all my glory… fat ass sticking up in the air as i was screwing, scraping, wiping, and oiling the contraption… sorry… coach said it was quite a sight… you’ll just have to take his word for it….

and now i can’t feel my legs…. oh well, the AC is working good and we got most the water of the great flood of september 2011 removed from the tin can… here’s hoping for no more water, unless of course it’s in the form of lots and lots o rain!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  16 Responses to “the great flood of september 2011”

  1. I bet the AC works better now. You might want to keep your skills sharp for next spring, you might need to do it again before summer starts just for good measure.

    • lol i hope that we get it fixed so that it might maybe last a bit longer than just a year ha! although this morning as i look up to the ceiling, i see a DRIP! holy cow….

  2. Ok now since I already mentioned to you the parental sounding you should not climb up on the roof LOL I will go with laughing at the picture you drew of your arse sticking up in the air ha ha.

    Oh yeah now that is funny when it should not be.

  3. Shew what a day! Glad you all have everything under control now. Your pawn shop sounds just like ours LOL. Hope the rest of your week goes MUCH smoother!!!

  4. I love the smiley climbing up with the cute little butt cheeks. You paint such a vivid picture I almost feel like I was there. But glad I wasn’t!

  5. Aaagh. What a start to the day. Hope it stays fixed.

  6. even with words you are an artist.
    when it rains it pours (pun intended)
    Listen, Sherri, start looking for a job doing graphics.
    Your work is amazing –
    maybe design wensites or blog spot.
    jeez, i’d be a customer.
    let me know if this idea is up your alley, so to speak.
    I need a change – can’t think of anything to saAaay.

    • i will be more than happy to help out Paula! i’m in the learning stages of website design… and graphics is something that i really really want to pursue!! i’m having so much fun with all this stuff….

  7. You “paint” quite a picture … from towels tossed on the floor to ass sticking in the air. Oh my. Glad you’re getting this fixed.

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