Apr 252012

coach got the call… woot! we will be going for our facetime with the potential jobs in Edinburg…. stress is HIGH… anxiety is HIGH…

on the map it doesn’t look to be all that far away… but in reality, it’s about a 7 hour drive from here…. from my kiddo… and about 10 hours from coach’s kiddo… eek! i’m thinkin skype will be getting lots o action while we are living in the deeeep south… and we would be about 1 hour from south padre island (big plus) and about an 30 minutes from border town shopping… i love border town shopping….. might need a trench coat lined with kevlar and some sort of automatic firing device in order to be safe shopping… but hey, whatever ha!

all this stress and anxiety has woken the mighty beast… i am mid-relapse right now but things were beginning to calm down a bit. til now.

my skin hurts… wtf is up with that ? i know… neuropathy. holy hell.

walking is funky, i am tired but it’s okay… i am managing… i am dealing. and i know that once this job thing is settled things will get better…. of course there would be a BIG move involved… like about 4 or 5 trips back to austin to get our stuff… we have 4 trailers to move, a horse, a storage unit that needs to be emptied out and sold off or packed up -more likely a combo of the both- that’s lot o highway miles and lots o hours on the road…. i dread the gas money that will be spent…

i’m so very excited about the possibility of this move… of the change…

my gypsy soul is coming alive again! she is waking up and beating the beast down…. the gypsy soul will win this battle against the beast… she will!

it will be a battle of apocalyptic proportions

the great transition from the life as a jaguar to the life of a sabercat! (if it all goes well that is)

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  14 Responses to “the great apocolypse in my brain”

  1. Where’s the I really hate this idea button?

  2. I’m so dumb about where things are in Texas — I was only there once, in Dallas (I think that’s north?) and it was just a 4-day conference. I just finished a book that took place in San Antonio, which I thought was west until I saw your map. I need a geography class…

    Anyway, this sounds so promising — you’ll be in my prayers that it all goes well. Now, take it easy on yourself — you just got over one relapse, don’t have another.


  3. Fingers and toes crossed.

  4. Everything crossed. And yes sometimes the beast comes out to play, but he/she/it cannot take the you away. You rock. Sending so many good and healing wishes your way.

    • thank you!

      we have such good feelings about this one… so hard to get hopes up when neither one of us wants to be disappointing should it not work out… but so hard not to get excited about a new adventure lol

  5. This all sounds good and exciting. Will the area get a nice off shore breeze to cut the heat? Will you be able to find another 911 job? Does it matter?

    Anyway, gypsy girl, I hope it works out well for all concerned.

    • no off shore breezes…. i don’t think… the few times i’ve been down there in summer, it was just plain ol hot lol but that’s okay… AC is my friend …

  6. Oh, look how close you would be to the Gulf!!! Good luck with the job interviews!

  7. Congrats, but…..You’re getting farther away. Not closer. Bummer. Of course, the weather there may be better suited for you and the demon.
    Again, congrats and huggs from the fat bald guy up north!

    • about a 10 hour drive from your area to edinburg i think… that is a long one… of course, if you were to take a road trip in the jeep down to the sand dunes of, oh i don’t know…maybe, SOUTH PADRE ISLAND…

      thanks for the good wishes… i hope this works! we are very excited about it… as for the weather, i dunno… it’s hot down there… eek! i bet i’ll be spending loads of time indoors

  8. Wishing the best for the face to face and sending healing vibes your way :).
    Stay inspired!

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