Apr 122012

when i got home today there were a few goodies waiting for me! i love surprises… they sure make me all warm & fuzzy


the first was a nice little package from a dear friend….

there are different daybrighteners for each day of the year…. today’s is:

i seize the pen on the sill because i’ve found yet another one. with hand still dribbling dishes, with the breath all caught, i etch it down in that journal always lying out flat.

i lay down the pen, dry my hands on the dishtowel, dab at water spots transfusing into ink

love it! thank you friend!

the second thing waiting for me when i got home….

i can’t recall ever seeing ducks around the park here…. there is a lake a few miles away… i think the ducks might have looked at their navigation charts wrong…. but i was glad to see them… very pretty! his bill was such a vibrant orange color and i’m sorta sad that it doesn’t look so orange in the pictures… he had a friend with him who had perched in a tree… it was too dark up there to get any good shots of him

today at work i was out running – okay, not running because we all know i don’t run so good anymore (did i really ever really run well?)- i was driving around delivering radios… and wonders of all wonders,  i actually remembered to take my camera with me…. got a few shots from the window while sitting at red lights (no… i did NOT take pictures while driving down the road… i was well behaved and waited until sitting at a red light to look around for snaps to take)

so that is the good stuff of the day….

the bad stuff of the day is that coach didn’t get the job…. they selected another candidate…. so onward we roll with more applications and keep on trying…. that’s all we can do…. bless his heart…. he’s such a good coach, such a good man and i just hate that he’s not getting a shot at the job he wants… sucks really

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “the good stuff and the bad stuff”

  1. So sorry for Coach — it must be frustrating for you both. Loved the duck, and those meditations sound great.


  2. Dammit all!!!! Was hoping and praying on that job for him. Well, I guess we have to keep telling ourselves that you all will end up where you’re supposed to end up, no matter if it’s not on the time table we want it to be. Grrrrrrrrrr though. Delayed gratification is highly overrated, if you ask me!!!!!

    Working hard on this end, praying and hoping and fingers and toes crossed for something to work out for you two crazy kids!!!!!

  3. I am so sorry that the silly, silly people didn’t realise that Coach was the best person for the job. Next time. I loved your photographs – and particularly the duck.

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