Oct 062010

as most of you know, i have an appointment with the neuro doc tomorrow. but i have been going crazy! i mean, come on. i rode the mri machine last friday…. so i went to the lab and asked for a copy of the written report. they only had one of them complete….i now have a copy of my brain scan. it’s sure a pretty brain!

the good news:

  • the ventricles are normal
  • no hydrocephalus
  • no masses
  • no atrophy
  • no evidence of intracranial hemorrhage
  • normal ventricular flow
  • orbits,sinuses and skull base are normal

this all sounds like great stuff so far…. but get ready…. are you ready?
really ready?
be sure…. if you’re not ready…stop reading here

the not so good news:

  • 5.0 mm lesion in the subcortical white matter of the posterior right frontal lobe
  • 1.0 mm lesion in the mid right temporal lobe
  • 2.0 mm lesion in the left posterior temporal lobe
  • 3.0 mm lesion in the left posterior temporal lobe
  • 4.0 mm lesion in the white matter of the medial left cerebellar hemisphere
  • small subtle periventricular lesions adjacent to the occipital horns of both lateral ventricles

can i hear an “OH YEAH, OH YEAH!” come on… you can do it, i know you can….

and for the conclusion of this report:

multiple small areas of white matter signal abnormality involving the perventricular and subcortical white matter of both cerebral hemispheres as well as the white matter of the left occipital lobe. these are suspicious for demyelinating lesions (click there to read all about it)

ok so now what? i don’t know.

i went and read about the different areas of my brain that are affected and it sounds as if i’m going to be a lot of fun! i’m going to become very loquacious, maybe a tad forgetful (or not), i may lose hearing (already have), my vision may be affected (yep), my walking/balance/gait uh huh… if you’re interested go check out the brain map … you can click on the various listed areas of the brain and find out what’s maybe in store!

the way i see it?

we already knew i’m not normal….this just confirms it!!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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