Nov 242010

>… it’s that time of year – time to give thanks for all we have or do or feel…. i don’t know why it’s just in this week that we all voice our thanks… shouldn’t this be something that we do all year round? every day? shouldn’t we focus on letting those we love know about it all the time? boy what a much happier world this would be if we gave thanks more frequently than just during the week of Thanksgiving…

but i am here to jump on the ol bandwagon of thanks and giving…. ready? sure? ok… here i go

let me start off with the most obvious…. i am thankful for my family. they love me, support me, hold me up, encourage me, guide me – or try to – and i know that no matter what, they are there for me…

and coach… it took me many years to find the right man. many years, many relationships – and all those experiences taught me what it was i wanted in a partner. i learned what a relationship means to me, and how to love. and then when i was ready, coach came into my life. he didn’t know it but i did…. men! sometimes it takes them so much longer to figure these things out! but he did… and it’s been wonderful. i must tell you all that i believe in God… and i believe that He has that master plan… He knows what we need and when we need it…. and He knew that i would need coach now. He knew that most especially now the right partner would so incredibly important to me. coach is the man who loves me, takes care of me, helps me with what i need help with… he is patient with me, he is accepting of me (that’s a big one!) and he doesn’t doubt me. and he knows what he’s in for – well as much as any of us know what we are in for – and he won’t leave.

i have such a loving support system all around me… not just my family, but in my friends… old friends, new friends, and friends that i haven’t met yet…. i have received so much love, prayer, good thoughts & wishes from everywhere in this world…. i’m continually amazed at the people God has put in my life. i am reminded of   “for every season…” you know how it goes….

i have a job… a good one… and that’s more than many people can say right now…. i have a roof over my head and it may not be what most would call a home, but for us it’s perfect…. it works…

i have my mind… i like to think it’s a good one… clever, witty, smart….gotta toot my own horn some too!

and i have to say this…. i’m grateful for my MS. yes. i said it. for all the things that i could get, acquire, or encounter… MS isn’t all that bad… in the grand scheme of things. i’m grateful for the lessons it has taught me, and the lessons to come. i’m grateful for the honesty and humbleness it brings me… i’m grateful for it’s honesty and it’s challenge… my life is an adventure and it’s anything but normal… i’m working hard to embrace everything about me and i am getting there. i m proud of myself…

i’m working towards a positive mind set… i expect to stumble and fall… but i know that with the support of my family and friends, i will get up… i will move forward… i will conquer what i need to conquer!

i love you all!

ok… enough sappy shit… i’ve given thanks…. i’ll do it again soon… i promise not to wait til november 2011!

and don’t you wait either!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. >i'm feeling pretty good lately… it's all the mental junk that seems to get me… good days and bad days… trying to shift the ratio and i'm getting there….i do appreciate your encouragement! you are a good soul mark

  2. >i have to look at the GOOD stuff…. it's too easy to be sucked in and focus on the bad, poor me stuff…. and when that happens…well, it's just not useful to me or anyone else… i must admit, some days it's pretty hard to find the good…but i do my best to find at least one good thing…be it something i see, hear, smell, taste… something… there has to be something good about each day…

  3. >I love reading from people with MS who focus on the GOOD in their lives!

  4. >oh tina! i'm so glad that we have found each other… i can't tell you what you have meant to me! you somehow know just exactly what to say to me and can completely change my day for the better…. ditto on the thankful list… you right up there at the top of mine. and i know we will continue to share our lives… and i know that one of these days coach & i will be making a road trip…. (we already sort of talked about it) ha!

  5. >Amazing how God brings the right people, the right circumstances and the right timing all together to accomplish His perfect will for our life!You, my friend, are at the top of my thankful list! I couldn't have made it through this past week without you and Gos knew that too! I look forward to sharing many more days of good, bad, happy, sad times with you!

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