Mar 252011

happy friday you guys! i had fun today… even with being so tired and feeling all twitchy and stabby…. and a new sensation came to me today…. not such a bad one.. just sort of annoying and odd… all day i have felt like i walked through a monster spider web…. like there’s hair or something grazing across my skin… only in certain places… i keep rubbing and swiping the air… i’m sure those who have seen me think i’m absolutely wacko (i am but don’t tell)…. i have been randomly and exuberantly swiping away at invisible crap… 😉

have you guys checked any of the blogs i read? like when they post you can see them over there in my sidebar… scroll down a bit… see that part called “my blog list”… you got it… there is some really funny stuff over there….

you must go check out jenny’s blog… this woman is a freakin riot! and she has a phobia… i’m sure she won’t mind me mentioning it here… it’s not like she doesn’t put it out there all the time for us to see! …. she has gnomophobia... yeah that’s right… a fear of garden gnomes… and you all thought i was off? they even have a facebook page….

so this morning i was sending out my friend #FF’s on twitter… jenny replied and told me to have a good day… i said basically back atcha… and told her that gnomes take fridays off so she should have a good day… and she promptly let me know that gnomes do no such thing… apparently they are lurking all the time… in my twisted humorous way i let her know that cat pee repels gnomes… i mean i haven’t seen a gnome in the 2 1/2 years i’ve been living here and i figure it’s because of all the stray cats peeing around my little tin can…. anywho…. so jenny let’s me know she’s rubbing cat pee all over herself and goes on to let us know that know she smells like cat pee and her dog is trying to hump her…. oh my! please go over and give jenny a bit of love! you won’t be sorry… she’s a fabulous blogger!


so coach’s boys soccer team is in the state playoffs… first game was last night… we won… but i have to tell you…. my fingers are bloody stubs… all that stress had me chewin on them… and they are just all beat to hell now… thank goodness they don’t play again til monday!

and this game was in lake travis… and my oh my! i felt as if i had walked right on to the set of desperate housewives… these women! they are something else…. they all have the perfectly starched jeans… cutesie twin set… high heel sandals… and the same freakin hairdo and paint job on their fingers/toes! they were wearing the finest of jewelry too… at a soccer game… come on…. i imagine that these women wake up and make a healthy breakfast then send everyone off to school/work… then they go to yoga or spinning…. then home for  a tumbler of fresh squeezed juice from some health companies blender apparatus…. now it’s time for a bit of housework… and that involves following the housekeeper around making sure she hasn’t missed anything…. then the mail arrives… everyone out to the curb to check the boxes and gossip…. and before you know it, it’s time to start dinner! i felt like such white trash sitting there with these women ha (i know i’m not really but they have a way of making you feel dirty and poor)

i had a great time chatting with some interweb friends today… it was a day when i need those laughs and it is much appreciated….

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