Feb 052013
  • First days are always sort of interesting. But they are also very not interesting at the same time. All in all, I would say it was a good first day. I was shown around the computer network – lots of documents and files. I was scheduled for a few meetings coming up.
  • We talked about music and rock bands and old people and lots of other stuff. We walked around to a few of the buildings and I was shown some of the storage areas holding stashes of things we’d use in a disaster. I met the Chairman of the board… who is in a band and loves music – nice to have something in common with a big wig! The guy I am replacing is in the same band… it’s a few doctors who like to jam. They play around the winter Texan parks, they play benefit galas, and other gigs.
  • Mostly I spent my day reading and figuring out what I need to read and learn and where to find the standards for healthcare facilities and what organizations, state & federal, that set those standards.
  • I have sooo much to learn. But I will learn it. In fact, that’s what makes this career so wonderful. There is never a time when I don’t have something to learn. There is never a time when I can say I don’t have anything to do. Because even when there is no disaster or imminent storm pressing down on the coast, there is hazard/risk analysis, plans to write, data to gather, research to do… training and instruction and all sorts of things.
  • Figuring out our morning routine at home was pretty easy. And it’s something that needed to be figured out. You see, our water heater is about 10 gallons I think. So for us both to shower in the mornings before work took some planning. I shower first while Coach is cooking/eating his breakfast. By the time he’s done with that, the water heater has refilled. It was important information… I can’t be sending him off to work after a cold, uncomfortable shower. That just wouldn’t be right at all… bless his heart.
  • We watched the pilot for The Americans. I think that’s going to be a pretty good show. I haven’t watched the 2nd episode yet… it’s sitting on the DVR waiting for us. I suspect the show will create a whole new clan of conspiracy theorists though.
  • It’s hard getting back into this groove of a working woman. I had just really settled in to being home. That whole struggle with finding my purpose and feeling guilty was subsiding…
  • I’m a bit tired this morning but I know that once I take my vitamins and meds I will kick into gear.
  • I bet this weekend I will spend a large amount of time on the couch relaxing, recovering and preparing for the next week.
  • I bought a loom thingy to make hats with. I finished the first one and I am amazed at how good it turned out! I made the first one blue & white (school colors)
  • The next one will be camo.
  • It’s time to put my face on.
  • I haven’t worn make-up hardly at all over the past 7 months… my skin is rebelling.
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “The First Day”

  1. very, very cool.

  2. Sherri, Sherri, Sherri ~~~ I nominate you as best all-time inspiration of all time. Sure there’s Florence Nightingale and Golda Meir but I’m talking among us ordinary but extraordinary women who need to know about sisters like you. I’m so happy for you . Going to work everyday will take some getting used to but the benefits (aside from cash flow) are so intimately enormous. I am dying to be able to work. We so need the shekels and my mind, body and spirit need to have a purpose. But we only have one car and that takes cameraman to work. Anyhoo, go get ’em tiger. My recommendation for a good skin moisturizer for your face and more is Argan Oil. The best and only really good one is by Josie Maran. Do you have a Sephora near you? There is a small bottle for $14. You just need a bit. I started with this small size as a try out. hugs and love to you my dear friend.

    • Oh Paula, you are such a great encouragement to me. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts/words. I’m so excited about this job. And it’s only the first week but I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy working with the guys in risk management. They are a good group of folks. You are right, it’s going to take a bit of getting used to … getting back in to that groove. I must say it’s very nice to have educated conversations about planning and hazard vulnerabilities and such. LOL Those are not things most people enjoy discussing at great length haha

      I don’t know that we have a Sephora around but I’m going to look in to it. My skin is making me nuts. It’s changing so much right now… hormonal shifts and such. I think I have acquired about 649 new age spots/discoloration spots in the past few months. Just all of the sudden!

      Such is life…..

  3. I can’t even imagine going going back to work! I’m so proud of you.

    • Thanks Nicole! On one hand I’m so happy to be working again… on the other hand, I’m sorta sad about the loss of a personal life. All my energy goes to work and there’s next to nothing left for family & friends…. I don’t like that part at all.

  4. Sherri, it sounds as if you’re in a good place. I wish you much success in this new arena!

  5. Oh I am having flashbacks….lukewarm to cold showers because 10 gallons of hot water will never be enough tor me! And I was pregnant with BigD…there was NOT enough room for us both!
    Exciting about your new job! Sounds like you’re working with great people too 🙂
    Make-up? What’s that??

    • Thankfully I don’t need lots of hot water… I am a lukewarm shower person… and when summer truly gets here I will be doing cool showers. We’ve thought about an on-demand water heater. I hear good things about them.

      I hate makeup… just despise it. My face is rebelling…

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