May 312012

it is so hot today….

when i got in my car to go home, naturally i cranked the AC to the F5 tornado setting, and the quick freeze temp setting – ah the nice artic blasts that my kia delivers… i felt something on my face… like a hair that was wisping across my eye… now, that’s not quite possible when you consider that my hair is exactly 1 inch long ( i just cut it the other day)… and the part of my eye with the hair blowing on it is more than 1 inch from my hairline… wouldn’t that look dumb if there was less than an inch of forehead between my hairline and my eyes? holy cow!

normal... lots o forehead there

see? that just looks... well, not right ha!

so anyway…. i feel this hair blowing across my eye…. and it took me a while to figure it out…. of course i didn’t turn down the AC… heaven’s no!

i guess when your eyebrow hairs are long enough to tickle your eyelids, well, it’s probably time for a little trim job…. yes?

today at work… ugh… hot! i had one last safety audit to do… and i had to finish up clearing off my computers (2) and my i-hal…. archive my work email so i have it… clean the office up, organize the file cabinets… and work on the pass-down binder…. this is one of those jobs that it’s impossible to just walk away from and hope the next sheeple will be able to step in, picking up right where i left off….

tomorrow will be a 1/2 day… turning in all the equipment… computers, i-hal (good riddance), uniforms, pager (good riddance again), car keys, trailer keys… radios… the list is long… then there is this lunch thing they planned for the grand farewell… very nice of them to do… we are having pizza! at rounder’s… yummy!

the invitation had a funny jib jab video attached to it:

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Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

oh, and i can’t forget to go by HR and check out there…. eek! it’s rather bittersweet to be leaving public safety… sad. quite sad for me.

tonight i begin packing up our stuff…. getting it ready for the transfer to the new trailer… excitement!!!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “the final days”

  1. Such a bittersweet day for you… Loved the video!!! Don’t overdo as you pack!

  2. I so get the what the heck in the eye thing – only the other day I assumed it was my dang hair etc and it turned out to be a dang bee! Lots going on for you all – crazy crazy so take a bit o time for chilling ok.

    And tell Coach his real arse is cutter than the jibjab one LOL LOL

  3. OMgosh Sherri, you are too funny my friend!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! I needed one today!!! ^_~

    I hope everything is going well and you are able to get things done. I know it is awful HOT where you are right now. Bet you are wishing you were here in my area. We have a cold front coming through and the temperature has DROPPED almost 20 degrees in the last 2 days. We have went from 90 degrees to 70 degrees. I am wishing the 90 degrees was back…

  4. It’s such a mixed bag leaving a place. Stressful, exciting, sad, relieving, happy, scary… have a good time at your farewell party. A whole new life awaits! Love the JibJab! 🙂

  5. You are funny. I loved that card by jibjab, with the coach shaking his hiney and looking so nonplussed about it. Seriously.

    And the small forehead photoshop job you did on yourself – too funny … almost looks like a Kirstie Alley imitation, lol. Yeah, ice cold a/c can feel a little hairy, I guess. My a/c died a few years ago, alas.

    I can feel your excitement about leaving Austin, the good and the bad all mixed in together. You are so skilled at what you do I don’t imagine it will be too long before you are back to work. First you need some down time after the move. Hopefully it will be cooler in Edinburg than last Summer was for you “up North” in Austin.

  6. The card….I p’d my pants!!!!!!!!

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