Jan 072012

it’s here


i’m a happy girl… a very happy girl

the wedding is all put together… and i didn’t really have to do much of anything…

my Dad, Mom2, and Ashley have taken care of it all… i just love them so… they came up with the venue, the food, the song… all of it. the only stress i’ve had is what the hell to wear… and i’m still stressed about it this morning… imagine that…

i was so happy with the outfit i bought… but as i put it on last night to make sure it all went together well… shit… not at all comfortable in it… i still look like a circus tent.. i could hide about 46 clowns under all that fabric…. shit…

my biggest stresser is this – i want to enjoy my day. i want to feel okay about how i look… and mostly i don’t want to spend the day worried about how i look… it’s that little niggling fat monster that resides in the forefront of every thought every day….. not just today…

so i am taking a few different options … because you know how it goes… put something on one day and feel great about it, but then the next day not so much LOL

the hazards of wearing a uniform to work my entire adult life… i’m not good at picking out clothes, making outfits, and i own nothing but uniforms and tshirts ha! if i had my way, i’d get married in a comfy shirt and yoga pants, flip flops on my feet

anyhoo, i’ll be sure to post some pictures and tell you about the day when we get back…. the 11 minute 22 second ceremony begins at 5PM this afternoon…. once the deed is done we move on to the meal and cupcakes to follow…

i love this man… love him… he completes me, he loves me, and he lets me pick on him – of course that’s the most important quality… he expects that i’ll put my finger in his belly button, tickle his feet, shave his eyebrows, and just annoy him in general – and he doesn’t get mad at me LOL

see you on the flip side… where i’ll have a different name and a new appendage

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “the big day is upon us”

  1. Wow. I go away for a few months and you run off and get married. You even went all Jerry Maguire on us. He completes me. LOL. Congrats. Boy do I have some catching up to do.

  2. Go for the flip-flops and yoga pants and a tee shirt it that’s what you want. It’s YOUR day! YAY. Hope the cold has abated somewhat, or that adrenalin takes over – whatever. By now, you’re eating cupcakes, having said those I Do’s. Did you smash frosting on his nose, little prankster?

    Congratulations Coach, and Best Wishes Sherri.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Sherri! I’m truly happy for you…..<3 (and don't worry about how you look….that man LOVES you & won't see you as anything BUT beautiful….)

  4. Have a wonderful day. (and tell us all about it)

  5. Wishing you much happiness — I’m thrilled for you! Don’t sweat the small stuff — just wear what you like, and concentrate on the special day! Can’t wait to see pix!

  6. Sherri,
    It’s your day. You get to decide what’s what. And since it’s your day, such a special one at that, everything else will compare itself to Your beauty. So have a wonderful day, Ms. Beauty. At the end of the day, you will be Mrs. Beauty.

  7. You will look beautiful no matter what you wear! The glow comes from inside, it’s all about the love, not the outfit! Have a wonderful day and congratulations!!!

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