Jul 192012
  • I do believe that the local rooster (and the owl living in our tree) has his rhythm a bit off… he seems to crow at the wrong times. for instance, when the great 10 minute storm of July 18, 2012 blew in and the skies darkened a bit, taking on the look of dawn… the dang rooster crowed… and crowed and crowed. And then the owl decided the skies looked a bit like dusk so he began hooting… weirdness
  • one of the great things about not working anymore…. no bras! I have been commando for the better part of 6 weeks… I know, TMI…sorry
  • Beulah was a hot mess last night…actually it was more like the small hours of this morning… there were several gunshots last night before bed…sounded like a shotgun
  • around 2 in the morning Beulah came in fussing and whining. I let her out for a few minutes… then she was in bed with me trying to crawl onto the bedside table – which is really like a cubby hole/closet type thing. I finally got up and went to the couch so as not to wake coach up… we slept on the couch for a while, okay I slept on the couch for what was left of the night. At some point I woke up and Beulah was curled up next to coach in the bed…. dang dog
  • I’m looking a bit scaly these days. Peeling like crazy – I peel good too. Big sheets of skin…sorta fun – like peeling dried Elmer’s Glue off your hand
  • I took some pictures of Pistol the Pony the other day. He is looking so much better. When we had to leave him in Austin for a month, we had a friend that we paid to feed and care for him. Yeah, well. Obviously the friend didn’t do such a good job. It was quite shocking when we saw him the first time. Moral of the story? Don’t trust anyone else to care for your animals in the same way that you would. The sad thing here is that the friend is a horse owner. His horse looks great…he takes really great care of her. Pistol and the other horse were side by side so it shouldn’t have been any big deal for him to throw some feed Pistol’s way when he was there. We bought plenty of feed and PAID the guy to feed….. yeah.

#4f81bd; font-size: 9pt;">Figure 1This is BETTER than he was

#4f81bd; font-size: 9pt;">Figure 2 So nice to see his ears up and his personality coming back

  • He will continue getting better. We are feeding him good stuff, he has a great apartment and he is getting lots of exercise these days.
  • Okay, I do believe it is now nap time… this is one tired girl. And since Beulah is already in bed snoozing away… well… blasted dog! ha!
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I understand about going braless. My reason is because of the arthritis in my spine, so lots of time I have to take it off right after lunch.

    Does Beulah have a problem with loud noises? Rocky does, and because they seem to make his blood sugar go up, we are trying Rescue Remedy for Pets. You might want to check it out.

    So sorry to see the pictures of the pony. I know you were heart sick when you saw it. It’s so disappointing to find that a friend, that you are paying, doesn’t live up to the friendship. So glad you are seeing good results now.

    • beulah gets all upset when there are noises such as gunfire and fireworks… not sure why though. thunder and other things don’t bother her at all…weirdo dog… i’m going to look up rescue remedy…thanks!

      it was so incredibly heartbreaking to see Pistol in such poor shape… we will get him healthy again but i think about how miserable he must’ve been…hungry and all… just breaks my heart

  2. My neighbors when I lived in Wisconsin had a few Roosters, and yes they crow whenever they want. He had 3 of them, asked if was planning on growing chickens, he said no just want the eggs, asked do you like blood in your eggs? again the answer was no. Well to fix all of his trouble told him to eat the Rooster and feed your chickens more because chickens don’t need Rooster’s to make eggs, They only need them to make more chicken’s, egg’s are the by product of eating food. A week later he stopped by with a dozen eggs, I asked how were the rooster’s, he smiled and said great and now we get to sleep through the night!

    Your Pistol is looking good, loved seeing him with his ears up, looks like a wonderful horse.

    • pistol is finally getting some personality once again… he was so sluggish and mopey when we first picked him up… it’s been about 2 1/2 weeks now and finally he’s perking up a bit…

      thankfully the rooster around here is far enough up the street that i don’t hear him unless i go outside… i’d be really perturbed if he was keeping me awake lol coach would love fresh eggs… we keep hoping that one day when he retires we will have a spotch of land for some chickens and goats…goats for me 🙂 they are so fun to watch play

  3. Ok, this is good, I can see where to comment. I always get confused about where to comment on peoples blogs, but this one is good! Anyhoo, I love commando! The minute I get home off it goes! Whooo Hooo!! You have an owl? that is cool! Love, love, love your horse pictures! So much strength and energy. I am blasted tired too. Hey, thanks for commenting about the pool, I think this is another learning/coping strategy for me. I don’t have to be scared of the pool and heat. I just need to be in the water to cope! Hugs sent your way!!! xo

    • lol glad you found the comment section! i have a hard time on some blogs or sites finding it as well… can get frustrating

      i love commando too… it’s probably going to be something i regret later on though as gravity takes advantage of the missing wire support…ah such is life.

      the own lives in the cedar tree in the yard near our tin can… i hear him all the time… i haven’t seen him yet though

      oh the heat! i’m glad you are figuring out some strategies for staying cool… the pool is a fantastic option. i like that i can cool down and stretch out the muscles some as well… the only downside is that i’m afraid to go alone… i wait until there’s another adult available to keep an eye on me….

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