Mar 012012
  • been a minute since i’ve posted here…. busy week
  • seems like it’s been busy week’s lately
  • i’m ready for it to calm down a notch for a bit
  • i had MRI’s of my thoracic and lumbar spine done on tuesday evening… kinda cool they have late appointments… saves me from having to take off work….
  • i liked this rad lab… the chick was rather pleasant… and by the time i changed my clothes to leave, she had a CD ready for me with all the images on it… including the software to view them
  • i haven’t heard from the neuro doc yet with the results… he reads his own MRI’s…. but i did look at the images on my CD….
  • to my uneducated eye it appears that there may be some new activity in my spine…. but i could be wrong ha! patiently waiting for the doc’s call
  • even if there is new activity, what does that mean to me? new damage of course… disease progression naturally… it was expected….
  • but it’s like starting over mentally… i know that won’t make sense to many of you… but i had adjusted and accepted my new normal… and now, well that has changed… new damage, new symptoms
  • starting the grieving process over again… i gather that this is something that i will go through each time there is progression… but at least this time it’s not as emotionally retching as the first time…. something to be said for progress … bleh
  • i’ve been drawing a lot lately… had some requests to get done…

    one of the guys at work has a dragon on his arm.. he had asked me to draw a rubble/castle wall ... he will have it tattooed under the dragon so it appears the dragon is landing on the wall


    kiddo's cousin requested a flower for her foot... going to cover the top of her foot... she asked for the detail... eek! this isn't done yet... have to smudge and blend the colors but you get the idea

  • next up is a turtle for the daughter who isn’t really my daughter but she is my daughter…. she wants the turtle with tangle designs….
  • and another guy at work (copper)  had requested a tattered American flag with images in the flag that represent 9-11 and other public safety things… also the star of Texas will be in there…. i can see in my mind what i want it to look like…. now translating that to paper is going to be tough… and will require the use of gimp i’m sure lol
  • stepdad and his sons are hunters…. always have been… while i don’t hunt or really want any part of it… nor do i eat gamey stuff(i.e. duck, goose, pheasant, hog, deer, etc and etc), i can certainly appreciate his big kill…

    beautiful animal... very sad (coach is happy because we were told to bring a cooler when we visit... we're getting gamey meat)



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “the alien is living in my back me thinks”

  1. Sending you mega good wishes.  Yes the progression sucks, but it can also turn itself around.  I loved your artwork.  Not so big on the hunter.

  2. Oh…acckkkk, I hate seeing hunter’s trophies. My brother always sends me pics like that, and then of them gutted.

    Sorry that your MRI looks patchy! I never try to read mine, I have a tendancy to freak out. I have a honking big lesion between T11 and T12 , its transverse, meaning it goes the entire width of my spinal cord. I am still walking, and the docs are quite amazed really. So, what shows up on MRI isn’t always as nasty as it looks. Hang in there!

    Love your tatt designs.

  3. I am glad we discussed the process and I it is what it is. Oh yeah and the correlation between MRI and symptoms? Not really there.  so like I try not to freak myself out over them but it still gets the process ball rolling. 

    •  i’m glad we talked about it too…. helps put things into perspective and keep it all under control… i’ve read many times that lesions and symptoms don’t really correlate but then other articles say they do… who knows? i think there is so much information put out there intended to keep us second-guessing it all…. yes no yes no well maybe ok no well maybe yes….. sheesh! i figure it’s best to just go with what my body is telling me and do the best i can to keep moving and doing… it’s the only thing that makes any sense right now… as for the tests and such, well, i can see the necessity in order to keep insurance paying for meds, disability to pay out, etc…. just sucks really….

      they make so much money in keeping us all sick….. (cynic in me peeking out)

      •  augh yes I sometimes think that they do it all to keep us sick – yeah right? I have never really seen a direct correlation between what I am experiencing and MRI’s at the time. I do see a cause and effect thing but not really a timing match between the two.

        So I go with the don’t correlate because they don’t with me – that is my story and I am sticking to it.

        Hope the doc called with the results . …

  4. The words I have to say to you I will say privately.  Here though, I want to tell how much I admire you.  Your courage and strength inspire me.  Much love being thrown your way sister.

    •  thanks you! i will take all the love i can get lol   i’m actually doing pretty well… have a few moments here and there… i’m planning the big pity party for the weekend ha!

  5. Love the flower!!

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