Jul 122013
  • I’ve been trying to post pictures for a few days now. Remember when I wrote about not having any internet…for 2 weeks? And how we broke down and added a hot spot to our phone plan? Yeah well..that’s all good in theory. And we DO have internet service. But it’s as slow as old dial up internet used to be making the upload process very very slow. (Don’t forget… if you click a picture it will make it bigger, opening a slideshow)
  • When we were back home for the 4th, my daughter’s sister… confusing I know… she’s my other daughter  ho’s not really my daughter… anyway… she has always liked my drawings. She asked me to draw her something for a tattoo. We sat down at the table in the midst of the 4th of July family gathering and I spent about 5 minutes doodling something… just playing and trying to get an idea of what she likes. Well…. she got that design tatted on her leg the next day….

Jericka Tattoo

  • I dropped by the tat shop to see how it was going and had an unexpected adventure. Ashley and I had stepped outside when I was ready to leave. It was downtown small-town late at night… no one was out… one way streets. The two of us stepped into the street to walk across… Ashley made it to the curb and I was standing at the door of my car… all of the sudden, out of the darkness, a little car came flying past us! He had to have been going more than 100… he hit the railroad tracks, went slightly airborne, landed in a wobble and just about hit us. We ran down the sidewalk to get as far away as we could because right behind that car were about 7-8 police vehicles chasing the first car. Man o man it was scary standing so close! We are fine and the driver wrecked out a few miles up the road… made our hearts stop though.
  • Last night I fell right off the porch… again. My big toe was twisted towards it’s partner and up towards the shin… my knee was on fire thanks to the concrete removing a few layers of skin… I grabbed my toe and twisted it back into a normal looking position. This morning I hurt like hell…. just what I need LOL
  • Still no Ampyra… waiting for insurance to approve it. Tecfidera denial was appealed and denied again. But I did get the Requip. I took it for 3 days. It didn’t calm down the restlessness or spasms at all. In fact, I haven’t slept since I started the medication. Until last night. I decided not to take it and see how things went. I slept all night. So I guess Requip has the opposite effect on my battered body than it should.
  • Sometimes I think it’s fun to place a frozen bag of veggies on Coach’s inner thigh. It cools him off and makes me laugh. Double win!
  • Have you seen that commercial about hump day? Actually it’s a Geico commercial. But that camel … oh my! Strolling through an office trying to make someone answer his question… “What day is it?” Then finally someone says it … hump day… and the camel does the whoop whoop…. I wet my pants every time I see it…. flippin funny!
  • There’s more to tell but I must get ready for work now….so until then –


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. LOVE the tattoo although must admit that I would love to see it in color:) Sorry hear about the fall! AND on Ampyra, I am hoping that it does come through for you. I think that I might have told you that I have been on it for over 3 years (might even be 4?) and although I credit my walking without a cane (or Segway) to the divorce, reduction in stress BIG time, the reality is it MAY well be more because of the Ampra. Bummer on the Tecifdera request…what the hell is wrong with that insurance company…for goodness sake, just say yes already! I am NOT a fan of ANY health insurance company. I remember that when I was giving BIRTH to my oldest son they DENIED all the claims that were submitted for HIM while I was in the hospital. THE code reason….”insureed NOT covered at the time of request”….WTF, he was coming out of MY vagina! AND I notified the insurance company OF his birth and provided all the information 4 days AFTER (actually have 30 days to submit info for newborn) BUT that didn’t matter to them….they stuck to their guns for ALMOST 11 month…even went to collection. THEN finally one day, I got on the phone with the 10th or 11th supervisor, she looked at the file and all the information and said “we’ll this doesn’t make any sense, of course we didn’t have his information, you were giving birth, and DID notify us within the required time-frame…this should never have been denied, my apologies.” And that was IT. Claim paid! After months and months of me calling almost weekly, and with a click of a button, she made it go away and indicated how much time I had wasted. UGH!
    BTW….LOVE the pictures! Since one of my previous “entities” was as a photographer, I LOVE seeing great photos people, capturing the simple things in life!


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