Oct 032011

so i just celebrated the 26th anniversary…. of my 21st birthday… that’s a lot… i don’t think i want to have anymore of these thank you very much.

my birthday was a good day… i woke up to coach, sweet man 🙂 and then a few text messages and a phone call from the grand girls… gosh i love them!

and eventually fired up the BFF to check my emails and such… and i just smiled… so many good wishes from so many people! you guys warm my heart…truly

bossman took me to lunch…and in lieu of a gift, he’s going to do the mud run in my honor… is that cool or what?

there were no big special plans … football naturally and LBJ won 66-0 woot!… nothing like a football game on a girl’s birthday to make her feel good eh? LOL i know, it comes with the territory… i had hoped that on saturday night there would be some dinner, and  an evening at my favorite joint of all times…. the ol Broken Spoke… we did manage the dinner, but didn’t make it to the joint… but that’s okay… we had a nice evening…

oh and during the day saturday i got to spend some $$ on me… ha! i bought a new drawing tablet, some pens, and some gesso… i have never used gesso but am excited to try it out… and i’ve been working with my digital tablet/pen too… i found a free for download animation program.. very very basic but it’s a good tool for me to learn animation with… i want to expand my horizons with my drawing… who knows… something might come out of it.. and if not, well, i’m entertaining myself in more ways than you know hahaha

while at the art store, i picked up a bound drawing book and some pens for one of the kids that goes to school here… he has been getting started with the Zentangle stuff and so i thought it would be fun to pick up those things for him… he’s already drawn a few things and posted them for us to see… way to go Nacho!

sunday was spent in brenham visiting with family… coach’s mom is in a nursing home and alzheimer’s is kicking her butt…. bless her… it’s so hard to watch… there has been a really rapid decline lately… say a prayer or two for coach and his mom… it’s really hard for him…

and on a happier note – you must watch this funny little thing… i laughed! it was a video made for me by a co-worker on my birthday… and i just love it…

i have so much more to say but it will have to wait til i can write more tonight… in the meantime, HAPPY FREAKIN MONDAY YOU GUYS!


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “the 26th anniversary of my 21st birthday”

  1. Oh, and tell the Coach he looked kinda cute in them pink tards! LMBO

  2. Happy Happy Birthday from Whit and I. Sorry we missed it, things have been a little hectic around these parts for the last week. I hope it was a wonderful day and as soon as the situation allows, we will buy your lunch/supper/dinner/breakfast/meal to make it up.

    And, you don’t look a day over 18 if you ask me!

  3. Happy belated birthday! You’re still a spring chicken!


  5. Sounds like a wonderful birthday. I am so glad. And the video your co-worker made for you is a gem.
    Happy belated b’day.

  6. HAPPY HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! I am sure you love those grand girls! I think art helps us all and you will enjoy it…..

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