Feb 082013
  • On the news this morning, the weather delivered some disturbing stuff. She let us know the winds would be picking up today, not allowing the frog to develop.
  • Poor frog.
  • Well, this is my first “TGIF” in a while. The week has been pretty productive and I’ve enjoyed myself at work.
  • I’ve been “shadowing” the guy I’m replacing. It’s very obvious that he’s a short-timer by his work patterns throughout this week. There have been a few moments that I have wondered if what I’ve seen is his work ethic or if it’s because he’s leaving.
  • Yesterday, we spent the day in meetings. While the meetings are some of the most thrilling and easily entertain me (pft), they allow an opportunity for me to network & meet many of the emergency management & public safety folks around the area.
  • Face time… nothing better to learn about the area, and the politics of protecting & serving. It’s always a bit different for each area. I have a wallet full of business cards.
  • I have a really big office. It needs lots of work to get it comfy and cozy and organized in my own style. I took some before pictures and will post some after pictures at some point when I get it put together and personalized.

  • I love the reddish wall at the back. There are some recessed lights in the ceiling with a dimmer switch. Oh yeah, ambiance…
  • What amazes me is that all those cabinets are pretty much empty. And all the stuff is stacked everywhere… I will be finding homes for all the stuff today. That is my goal. Then I will move the furniture around and prepare for slapping my essence all over the walls haha
  • My daughter’s ½ sister is a theater arts girl. She is quite talented. This semester she is taking a theater make up class:

This is my grandgirl, Kaylee…. and below is what she looks like without makeup

  • It’s time to get dressed for work now. I’m sure there will be more takes of my world coming this way very very soon. Probably even tonight.


    #00b050; font-family: Apple Boy BTN; font-size: 48pt;">T.G.I.F.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. I’m so glad your first week went well. You sound renewed.

  2. Sounds like a busy week. Can’t wait to see your office when you have it looking more like yours. Great stuff.

  3. Your own office, that’s great. I would say it does need a bit of tidying. Isn’t it cool what they can do with make up!

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