Sep 052011

This has been an odd weekend…well some parts of it anyway.

Friday of course was game night….and we won…but those boys have got to figure out a way to win without making me lose my mind in the process! I still have some fingernails left, but they are considerably shorter than they were pre-game ha!

Saturday was pretty much a nothing day…coach had to go watch film…which takes like 9,452 hours for some reason…so I went and shipped the BFF to the depot for repairs (gosh I hope that doesn’t take too long)and then went to the feed store. There was NO HAY….none…at all….this is bad…I did get feed but our pampered pony gets feed AND hay every day..twice a day…

Yesterday I somehow convinced coach that he would love a mani/pedi….and he did! Once again, I’m unable to post the picks…dang it…I took pics as proof! Haha after the nail spa, we hit the grocery store and spent 30% of our gross monthly income on 1 weeks worth of food….and most of it is generic…incredible! We are gonna be eating beans, rice, and fish sticks soon…and some cornbread for dessert…

Somebody needs to get in that big fancy house up north and fix this shit…FAST

Today I was technically off for the holiday…but since Texas is in fire I ended up in the emergency ops center for 7 hours…these fires are incredible…I live about 20 miles from the closest one and I can see it just like it was on my street..that’s how big it is…and the truly scary thing is that when I look to the north, smoke from a big fire….when I look to the south, smoke from another big fire….and it’s the same looking to the east and west..we are surrounded by huge fires….the biggest one has already burned more than 25,000 acres….more than 400 homes lost…and the fire is 0% contained…that’s just one fire!

We need some rain…a tropical storm would be nice about now…

And now I am going to gobble up some salad….I will do my best to steal coach’s computer and post some pictures soon

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “Texas is burning! And we got our nails done”

  1. The TV news has been strangely silent about the Texas fires. I saw something a couple days ago and was wondering how close it was to you. I’m happy to hear you’re all right. I truly can’t imagine how you are coping with the heat you’ve been having. It’s time for the seasons to change – let the rains commence.

    The thought of Coach getting a mani-pedi puts a smile on my face. Funny, I never thought of him as a metrosexual. HA!

    • the fires are unreal… i think finally they are starting to get some news coverage out there… after 25ooo acres have burned…. i saw one home video on headline news and cnn yesterday but other than that…nothing… the last report i got last night indicated something like 74 fires burning in texas right now

  2. Good luck. Stay safe.

    • thanks Judy… more than anything we need rain… i hate to say this… but we need a good hurricane or tropical storm about right NOW

  3. A few years back when Canberra was blazing you couldn’t see across our street at 3 in the afternoon. Really scary stuff. I hope people are OK. Houses and possessions can be replaced. People and animals not.

  4. Those fires are so frightening. All that heat you have been having are they starting these fires? I saw the pics of mani/pedi on FB. Actually just the mani – is there a pedi pic?

    • they found one fire that was caused by downed power lines and the wind….the other fires they aren’t sure about yet…too hot to really go in and investigate yet i think… marshals are out there looking for points of origin though

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