Apr 282011

home at last! my favorite place to be….coach is reading the news and naturally, I’m blogging… well and looking at some tangle patterns… he says to me “5 NFL players have been stabbed by their wives…. um, please don’t stab me”  I proceed to let him know that he has nothing to worry about being that he’s not an NFL player….(good one Sherri)… and follow that up by letting him know that it appears NFL players aren’t so good at picking women… am I right? he looks at me, over the top of his reading glasses which he wears perched down on the end of his nose… you know that look – it’s the school teacher look – and says “well, I’m just letting you know… when you are tired of me, you don’t have to stab me…just let me know and I’ll be me on my way… we can just go about our lives” ha! my response? “I have to keep you… who’s going to take care of me otherwise?”  such love we have! ha

this has been a long week… okay no it hasn’t… it’s been the same length as the previous 2,356 weeks I have experienced… but it seemed longer than usual… maybe I’m just more tired than usual… I really thought the time would go by a bit faster seeing that I’m wearing both my hats this week..

I’m not working the second job this weekend… woot! working two jobs is beginning to wear me down so I’m taking a bit of a break… I’ll continue on there but on an as needed basis… I love that place… and I think they love me too 🙂

I do have a “gig” this weekend though… I’m taking pictures at a confirmation… the boss at job #2 is also my friend… her daughter is being confirmed and has asked that I take the pics… certainly I will!!

and Friday night is the illustrious soccer banquet… the kids did great this season… banquet should be a good one… I’ve been asking coach for months when this banquet was and he couldn’t remember…finally, earlier this week he let me know that it’s the 29th… I asked what time… he didn’t know… I asked him to find out… that was on Monday or so… yesterday I asked him if he found out the time… he said he “thinks” it’s at 6… cool… so tonight I asked him if he found out for sure what time the banquet is…. he nodded in an affirming way… I took that to mean YES he knew FOR SURE what time the banquet is… so I said “well, what time…” his response?  “I think it’s at 6”… ok… now… wait a minute… he for sure THINKS it’s at 6 o’clock… men!

I have a credit card… I know! can you believe it? I can’t…suckers. ha! I will tell you that I have a very LOW credit limit… and that’s perfectly alright with me… the point in all this is that for free I was able to design my own card… now how cool is that? so I submitted a picture…. wanna see it? sure you do….silly question…

yes… I did that… it’s on my credit card… and it looks totally cool….

and so coach applied for the same credit card… and they gave him one…suckers…. ha…. so he said he wants to put a picture on his card too… let me just tell you .. power-lifting he-man macho sorts are incredibly vain… and they must have an ego-stroke at least once a day but preferably much more (love you baby)

he wants to put a picture of himself…in his onsie…squatting… attractive…. ha! I told him that the only reason he wants to put that picture on his credit card is so that when he whips that bad boy out to pay a bill, the cute little waitress or cashier will get all goo-goo and say “ooo is that you?” and then coach can go on his hour long spiel about how much weight he can lift or press or pull and about his records (state and world) and how he tries so hard to get those kids at school to work hard and how he puts plate after plate after plate on the bar and they all are pie-eyed but don’t want to work to be able to do it…. haha I really did… and HE GAVE ME THE FINGER! now that is just not right!

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