Jul 262013

Today was so much better. I still had some nausea but it wasn’t near the intensity of yesterday. Thank gawd!

I took my might dose about 1/2 hour ago… So gar so good. I cant begin to express my relief. I have waited so long for this drug to be available and I would be incredibly disappointed if I couldn’t tolerate it.

Work was very busy today. That’s both good and bad. I have some deadlines fast approaching on a few projects that are quite large. Feeling the pressure….

When i got home today Coach & i went to the pool. The water temp gauge was reading 90 degrees. While that sounds too hot, it was very refreshing…. The ambient temps outside these days is well above 100..,. A big fat UGH.

I am beginning my days of life as a football widow Sunday. Incredible to me just how fast football comes around each year. The first preseason game is only 4 weeks away.

I’m getting ready to hit the hay…. Get some shut eye… Catch some zzzzs (that’s all I’ve got for bedtime cliches…I bet y’all are happy for that ha!)



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Looks as if the Tecfidera may work! Fingers crossed! I really, really, really really don’t like football, so I pity you. Good luck with your projects.

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