Sep 172012

The internet service we have available to us here at the old folks park is awful. I haven’t been able to connect for more than 2 minutes since Thursday. And I can’t find any other internet options for us. Bleh. Even our cell phones have very little signal so adding an air card isn’t worth it. I have been searching internet providers ever since we moved. I’m screwed.

Yesterday the coach’s wives/girlfriends got together and took desserts up to the school for the guys. Most of the ladies bake… I don’t bake. I bought a key lime pie. At first I felt guilty because I’m not a baker. But then I decided that they guys were better off eating something prepared by Edwards than my attempts at baking ha! I am thinking of trying to make the lemon bars that Muffie makes… recipe in hand, going to the grocery store later today. I’ll attempt to make them for home tonight. If it goes well, I’ll make another batch for Sunday.

It’s been a long few days & very busy as well. It wasn’t the kind of busy that I’ve had in the past but for my recent lifestyle, it was pretty damned busy. Thursday night was the varsity game… Friday Coach came home about 5 hours earlier than normal so we had some time together… Early Saturday morning was the JV game. As soon as it was over, I headed over to another local high school to take pictures of their volleyball game.

The picture taking thing is starting to take off. I’m a bit nervous about it but also very excited! To once again be taking photos for others is wonderful! The trepidation comes from my own inner critic knocking me down. I’m buying a new lens next week that is going to make sports photography much better for me. The lens I currently have is a very good lens but it doesn’t really do that great a job for indoor or nighttime sports shots. The new lens will be much better I think. I also purchased business cards…they arrived Friday. Plain & simple little cards.

I know absolutely nothing about volleyball except that when I tried it in PE class 35 years ago I walked away with lobster red swollen wrists and strawberry wounds all over my legs & arms. I’m not at all athletic. Really never was. I tried all the stupid PE games… kickball, bean ball, badminton, volleyball, soccer, basketball… nothing. I was that girl who was the last to be chose for a team… left standing across from the chosen teams wondering who drew the short straw. The hesitation for either team captain to call out my name was comical. Eventually the PE teacher would have to really encourage them to take me, please. After living through that humiliation for a while it became much easier to not dress out at all and take the hit on my report card. I was so happy when I reached a grade level that allowed me to take some other course instead of PE. I joined choir.

Anyhow, it was fun taking the volleyball pictures. Those girls can jump!

My body is beat up… that’s the downside. But I knew it would be. Random pain in spots that are new to the sensations. Some numbness & tingly shit is more pronounced. That’s okay though. I’m dealing with it. What else can I do? LOL The nice thing about doing photography again is that I can pick & choose what I want to do, when I want to do it, and whether or not I CAN do it. Perfect scenario for me.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I’m still catching up on blog reading! Good luck with the lemon bars — hope you like them. Even though you don’t bake, maybe you could make sauteed apples with cinnamon. just stove top work involved. I’m so rooting for you that this photography thing works out for you!

  2. Isn’t it ironic that you’ve gone from being the last to be chosen to then be married to a coach! There is justice in the world. BTW, I was no great shakes in phys ed either. Good luck with your photography career.

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