Jul 132011

there is nothing quite like going into the restroom and taking care of business…. and then realizing…


yes this is my day… a day full of no toilet paper moments…

on the bright side – it can pretty much only go up from here! ha!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. ladies, we always have “wipes” with us. It’s just a matter of sacrifice and airation.
    Missing TP caught me out once too. After the first second of WTF I took off my panties, recycled them to slightly more expensive TP and tossed them wrapped up in those nasty hand towels.
    I smiled the rest of the day knowing I was bare assed under my work suit. 🙂 fine memory. Hence, airation!

  2. Just shake it 3-4 times, then it’ll be fine!!!!!!

    • funny funny man…. i used an ass gasket… that way i didn’t have call sgt dave to bring me those horrible john wayne paper towels we have… that would have been embarrassing to ask him to bring me towels to the potty room LOL

  3. Oh this is the toilet paper day! LOL I did the ugh oh no paper upstairs it is all downstairs in the storage cupboard. Can you say wash cloth?


    • there is no sink at my work potty… bleh… but i did have the use of an ass gasket so that helped some…hahaha i hate when there is no paper… normally i’m the only one in my office and i pay attention to these things…but summer break…the guys (officers) are down there more often and naturally they don’t pay attention to the TP status…. bastards haha

  4. I just came from Jenny’s blog where she’s describing how she clogged the toilet. And now I’m reading about how you couldn’t clog the toilet due to lack of TP! And I’m sorry, I am chuckling.

    • we have turned in to such an open minded community… we just talk and talk about our bathroom habits LOL i for one am glad that we don’t have to whisper about these things…. we can now YELL IT FROM THE MOUNTAINTOP hahahaha

      i just love jenny!! she’s hilarious!

  5. LMAO! That happened to me this morning! I only have one mesly square! I had just bought tp yesterday but hadn’t put it under the bathroom sink! Lot of good it did me in the dining room! Hahaha!!

    • there was one of the sgt’s in the office but i just couldn’t bring myself to holler out to him for some paper….

  6. That happened to me at Job #2 this past weekend. I had to call the store phone to get someone to rescue me!!!

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