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in life, so many people are moving so fast that they are missing out on the meat… the meat of life. for me, the meat is usually the small stuff… things people say in passing, aromas coming from a store front cafe, the feel of hot concrete under my bare feet….you get the point. how many of these little things affect us each and every day that we barely notice (or give only fleeting thought to)?

when driving… are you on a mission to get where you are going? drive, drive, drive… nothing more. how many times did you look up and think “oh i’m already there… where’d the rest of the trip go?”…

life is about the journey, not the destination… or at least it should be. i spend some time each day reminding myself of that. what happens when we reach the destination? if we didn’t enjoy the journey, usually there is a feeling of disappointment when we arrive…. arriving isn’t near as exciting as getting there!

tonight Coach and I saw something that brought all these thoughts rushing back to me.

we left our house to go feed the horse. we board our horse about 15 miles from the house house and the drive there is a really nice one…it’s a 2 lane highway winding through some country just outside of the city. lots of pastures, trees, and interesting little sites… the mexican flea markets, mom & pop beer joints… anyhow,there is one part of our journey where the 2 lane highway is an overpass to a toll highway. at this overpass there are 2 stoplights…. as we were sitting at the red light, a jeep came FLYING past us… i mean this guy was hauling butt! (if you’re from texas, you know what that means)… anyhow, we watched him run both the red lights… and speed on past us… it was a red jeep, black soft top, doors off… roll bar.. only the driver occupied the jeep.. he was a white male, not young but not old… i even remember what he was wearing… a ball cap, khaki colored shirt and jeans… anyhow…

Coach and I both commented on how fast that guy was going… and then we went on our way in the opposite direction, continuing our conversation about how work sucks right now… we made it to the horse and Coach got him fed… from our house to the end of feeding is about 35 minutes… after that was accomplished we decided to head to Sonic for some truly healthy dinner 😉

about an hour after we left the house, we were headed home… on that same 2 lane countryish highway… over a hill we see all kinds of emergency lights….. we both are thinking “oh no”… surely it can’t be good with that many flashing lights… as we approach we see 1, 2, 3, cop cars…then we see it… that RED JEEP… it was completely smashed! no way that guy lived… unless he has some guardian angels with him… bad bad bad… oh man…

i wonder where he was going when he passed us earlier… what could he have been up to that was so urgent? was it worth his life? i doubt it…..  sad

  •  August 26, 2010
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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