Oct 172012

-Today’s routine is all jacked up. There is a guy coming to clean our carpets. I know, I know. We’ve only had the tin can for a few months. But something I’ve learned is “they” add all this additive/chemical junk added to carpeting pre-sale to make it look pretty, bright, & shiny. That’s all well & good except once the tin can is bought and lived in, well the additive/chemical junk tends to attract dirt and other debris tracked in. This is what makes the carpeting get all matted down and looking gross almost immediately. Carpet cleaning in a tin can is different than in a traditional home. The carpet is the same but the padding is different. It’s much thinner. So it’s not wise to use steam or water because the subfloor gets wet leading to mildew. And Lord knows, we’ve had more than our share of wet floors! And here.

-It’s going to be 100 stinkin degrees here today. That bites. And just to make matters worse, the “feels like” temperature is going to be 106. Where is fall? Life in the Valley is hot. Shit. The most unfortunate thing about this is not that it’s 100 degrees ½ way through October, or that there is no relief in sight… nope. The worst part is that since the carpets are being cleaned today, Beulah & I have to stay off the floors for 2 hours. Two hours. What in the hell am I going to do with the dog for 2 hours? There’s no place we can go and sit comfortably. If it were cooler outside I would be inclined to visit a park or something. But Mother Nature has other ideas. I wonder if I can convince Beulah to take a 2 hour nap on the bed with me… I bet maybe I can.

-I have so much fun making Coach laugh. I don’t mean to do it but the shit that comes out of my mouth. I really don’t know where it comes from… and I don’t think of it as funny. But he does. I wish I could remember some of the comments but I can’t hardly remember if I had 1 cup of coffee this morning or 2. I should start writing stuff down more. Of course, telling him “time out!” so I can grab pen & paper to write down what just made him laugh sort of ruins the moment and then all that humor is wasted. Pft. Edit: I just remembered one! Last night as we were getting settled in for the night, getting ready to assume the spoon position (as we do every night) I said “come over here you big man, up against my big silky-pantied ass”. He laughed good at that one.

-I’ve been asked to volunteer at a private school doing some data entry. I can go when I feel like it & stay as long or as little as I’m able to do. Might be a good thing to do – gets me out of the house and keeps me interacting with human beings. Sometimes I think I might forget the English language and only know dog-speak. Does that qualify as a second language?

-I wish I would stop feeling hungry all.the.time! I can’t figure out why I have this constant grumbling, growling, gnawing sensation in my stomach. I have enough fat reserves on this vessel that I shouldn’t have to eat for a few months at least. I drink lots of water… actually, a while back I took this weight loss class that suggested a way to stabilize blood sugar thereby decreasing hunger pangs. You mix 1 part OJ with 7 parts water. I’ve been drinking lots of that over the past week. Back when I took the class this method worked really well for me. Not so much right now. Anyway, the point is that I’m well hydrated, I’m eating 3 sensible meals a day, I snack on nuts or cheese in the mid-afternoon range…. I don’t get it.

-My new Tai Chi video showed up yesterday courtesy of the UPS man. Thank goodness I had just put some clothes on when he honked! The video is called Tai Chi-Qigong: 7-Day Healing & Rejuvenation Plan (For all abilities: seniors, MS, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, etc). I’ll start tonight… on my nice, freshly cleaned carpet!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I so want to know how the tai chi goes. I am looking more and more like the Michelin Man so I will be interested in any lets get less fat tips as well. Perhaps I just need my jaw wired shut. That would probably do it. Probably.

  2. My partner has to have her teeth removed in Feb. (car crash took a few out already, 33yrs ago, disease Sjogren’s is destroying the rest) and we bought a blender to smoosh out her meals…I am going on it too for a YEAR! I guess I have to eat some solids for my jaw…but I’m guessing we will both lose lots of weight. So I’m bulking up now…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. and here I thought that only used car sales used the shinny carpet tricks . …

    now if I drink too much I pee to much but if I do not get enough fluids well never mind. Since I forget to eat maybe my stomach is not crumbling? Geez can’t win on this one ha ha ha take care catch you laters

  4. I also think those chemical fumes in new carpeting are noxious! When I ran the school, I made sure that any new carpeting was laid in the summer, so we could air out the rooms. Hope you enjoy your volunteer work. I’m the opposite of you — I keep trying to drink as little as possible. Otherwise, I’ll be running to the loo even more! One cup of plain coffee spread out over the morning. One cup of flavored water from mid-afternoon to night. That’s it! Be sure to share your tai-chi results!

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