Jun 152011

#000000;">i have been searching my mind high and low, inside and out for some good blog fodder… something funny and pointless to tell you all about…. but it’s just not coming to me…. must be the heat…

#000000;">because i’m a clumsy ass i know there has to be something to tell you that has happened… but it’s just not coming to me…. i could sit her and whine and moan and complain about all the shitty things my body is doing right now… but most of you are going through the same garbage and know the drill….

#000000;">for those of you who don’t know the drill…. just believe us when we tell you that the beast does not like the heat….not. at. all.

#000000;">ok… so let’s see… where will my rambling fingers take me now….

#000000;">(pausing for a brief intermission here… aka a pee break… go read another blog, listen to a song, twiddle your fingers, scratch yourself… i’ll be right back)

#000000;">brief intermission

#000000;">ok, i’m back… did you enjoy yourself… did you entertain while i was away? thought so….

#000000;">i have a birdfeeder… it sits on the ground on it’s side… i had it hanging once from a limb on a tree… but the dang squirrels knocked it down and the string thingy broke… so it remains on it’s side on the ground….and i scatter birdseed all over the ground….

#000000;">i don’t think the birds mind so much… they spend a great deal of time pecking around in my yard o weeds even before i was scattering the seed about….

#000000;">this IS leading up to something, i promise….

#000000;">so my yard o weeds… no grass to speak of…but i have the thickest, prettiest, greenest clover you ever laid your eyes on… i water it daily… it’s the one task that i can do… i sit on the porch at 5:30 in the morning when the temp is sitting at a nice cool 92 degrees and water the weeds….

#000000;">and i’ve noticed in the past few weeks that there are some new types of things growing in the yard o weeds… wild grass… and SUNFLOWERS… okay, one sunflower plant…. i have to assume the birds are full from my abundant scattering of seed and are leaving their left overs on the ground… then i come along and water it all profusely, and Ta-Da! things sprout…


#000000;">the sunflower i assume is the result of a sunflower seed in the bird food… and it was so beautiful! i was so enjoying watching it sprout and grown… it got to be about 2 1/2 feet high and then it blossomed! the brightest yellow sunflowers… made me smile every time i looked at it…. and then… a second bud… and a third!

#000000;">i looked forward to going outside and looking at my sunflowers all the time.. they are my favorite flower… and this is the first time i’ve had one growing that was all mine…

#000000;">beautiful sunflowers

#000000;">just after the second bud opened up….

#000000;">some asshat came and cut it!!!!!!!  right in the middle of the stalk… all three flowers gone…..




Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  12 Responses to “sunflowers and bastards”

  1. Of course this would be the first entry I leave a comment on. I absolutely love and hate sunflowers…. long story about hating them. Anyway, I literally gasped when I read about the slaying of the best flower in the entire world. Total tool!

    I’ve read several of your blog entries today and I mean to tell you, your poetry is gripping. Several times I sat back and said, “My. God. Wow.” I really enjoy reading it.

    Smiles to you and yours,

    • hi faith,

      thanks so much for stopping by! and such kind words you have left me…

      my poor sunflowers… i am going to try and grow more… and i have to hope that the person that took them must’ve needed them to make their day better…. i have to hope someone didn’t take them just because…

      i’m glad you enjoyed reading my writing here…the poetry is new… it’s fun to do and i’m going to work on it….

      i so enjoy your site!!
      Peace & Blessings to you

  2. hi sherri,
    agree whoever did that is a bastard.

    • i keep going out and looking at the bare stalk… maybe it will bloom again? or maybe i’ll plant some more and put an electric wire around them ha!

  3. damn them for taking the flowers either way! I mean come on???

    Not sure commenting is sexy though LOL

  4. Honey, after the grand entrance post, you can skim along on that one for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time, as far as humorous posts go 😉

    As far as the sunflower thing goes….I take things like that very personally, whether I should or not. It’s just not right to go around in the world taking what you want if it’s not yours. We ALL know if something is ours or not; the food in the office fridge, a bike, a car, a spouse, a sunflower. To take something that you damn well know isn’t yours is wrong, no matter the reason. Bastards.

    • you know, if the flower thief had knocked on my door and asked if they could have the dang flowers, i would’ve said yes…. that’s the sad thing… ask, don’t just take!

      i hope all is well with you…. keeping you in my prayers squaw friend

  5. We live in suburbia, everyone had immaculatly manicured lawns…everyone but us! I have weeds upon weeds. I love my “lawn” I have clover, wild daisies, violets, queen Anne’s lace, and some wonderful creeping groundcover that has beautiful purple flowers! The neighbours hate me. I think some night they may sneak into my yard and poison it all. People are like that. Sorry about your sunflowers.

    • i love my weeds! there is something so beautiful about the natural vegetation…. manicured lawns are boring and cookie cutter 😉

  6. I hate that! Killing of a innocent sunflower! Our gardeners will whack anything in the way of their weed whackers without thought as to if it be weed or keeper! so now I put those garden stakes along side the plants that I wish to grow. They got one of my rosemary bushes just as it really took root. And then the association wonders why there is not greenery growing LOL the kids an the gardeners I say!

    Sorry about you sunflower that really does suck.


    • makes me really sad that some person cut my sunflower plant… i’m sure they thought they were very pretty and used them as a gift to someone…maybe it helped them to make up for some hurt or wrong they had inflicted….

      but most likely not…

      they were more likely just being mean and took my damn flowers

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