Jan 022011

>our tin can is being washed today…. something that i had never thought of doing… not sure why. i mean, i wash my car. why wouldn’t we wash the tin can? it was looking pretty shabby though…. pretty trailer trashy in fact.

so we have a neighbor… Jim Bob… that is really his name… i didn’t make it up… and he has a power washer…and he was laid off from his job about a year ago…so he washes rigs for folks around the park… and today he’s washing ours!

i just went out to take a peek… and oh my gosh! it’s white under all that crap! ha! whodathunkit? behind the pretty green moss, algae, and various shades of brown muck, there is white!

this morning we went to feed the horse…

and then our semi-daily trip to the wal mart… i’m so tired! i have slept so much in the past weeks. i think the facial pain contributes to my tiredness… sounds good anyway…

so i bought some Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso & Cream stuff…. gettin ready to pop the top…hopefully that will help boost my energy levels… the Adderall hasn’t done much for me today… that’s a big indicator of my fatigue level… when the meth doesn’t do much… ugh!

i have a hard time with watches…they hurt my wrists when i’m typing….found the perfect one while shopping today! and it was a whoppin $2.00!  it’s a rubber bracelet with a watch face…perfect! and so many colors to choose from!!

i have school work to do today… loads of reading…each time i sit down and crack the book, my eyes close…it’s like an automatic thing… and the stuff is interesting! and i LOVE to read…. holy  hell!

happy Sunday y’all! it’s a pretty one out there!!

  •  January 2, 2011
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