Jan 092011


coach got his bike back yesterday….he’s oh-so happy!

it’s been in the shop since the end of september… of course, we picked it up yesterday… and today the#0b5394;font-size:large;"> cold front hits us… rain, cold, yuck!  so no bike riding for a few days
but he’s happy just the same

the renegades have gotten underway….  well at least they’ve been practicing pretty regularly… it was fun to go out and watch them the other night…. the building of a team….

i don’t go to the high school practices so i don’t see the “behind-the-scenes” junk…. just what happens at the games, and of course the crazy ass stories coach tells me….

i’m interested to see how these semi-pro games go… i haven’t seen a schedule posted yet so not sure how much they play or where they play….

most of the players are pretty young… most played high school ball, a few played college ball….

so my jaw pain came back last night…. holy hell….  i thought maybe i was done with that for a while… so far no new numbness… i hate this shit! i’ve been so good about taking care of myself – taking my meds like i’m supposed to…wearing the mouth guard… keeping my jaw relaxed (at least as much as i can with this damn spastic crap)…. the good thing is when i woke up it was greatly reduced… some pain but very tolerable…

coach has about 6 applications out now…. various high schools around #cc0000;font-size:large;">texas.… we are really hoping he gets something new… it means moving… and that’s okay with me… my ol gypsy soul can stand a move every now & again…. there is one in particular we are REALLY hoping for…. puts us on the coast and close to mom… ideal!

nothing much else to report here…. been staying at home mostly on the weekends and after work…helps me avoid the asshats of the world… and also helps to manage my symptoms…. it’s okay, i’m a hermit by nature so i don’t mind being home…

here’s some pics to close out the post….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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