Sep 232012
  • It’s been a crazy few days, naturally. The weekends tend to be that way… well not so much the weekend but Thursday thru Saturday. Football.
  • I have gotten so many stinkin spam calls on my phone… text messages too. What is up with that nonsense? I don’t get too much spam here or in my email but my phone has been bombarded the past month or so.
  • X-Factor is amazing… there are some incredible singers coming through that show. Much better than Idol has been… although Phillip Phillips is really, really good.
  • On Sundays all us wives/girlfriends take goodies to the coaches at work (I think I mentioned that last week). Today I made the lemon bars. They were well received… it even involved a bit of baking, which is something I don’t really do much at all. Or ever.
  • When I came home, I found a kamikaze hummer on my porch…. I’m sad now.

  • He must’ve smashed right into the side of the tin can… his little neck was broken.
  • There are thousands and thousands of hummers here. I guess they hang around down here in the winter months. I like that. We didn’t see many of the little things when living in Austin. I will have to get the feeder out. I walked past one of the tin cans here yesterday that has about 10 hummer feeders in the yard! I don’t know that I could keep up with that much sugar water ha!
  • It has just started raining. I bet by the time I’m finished typing up this post the rain will have stopped. At least we’ll get a few minutes of it though.
  • Football was not good. Both the JV & varsity teams lost this week. But once again, they are playing better & better each week. Progress IS being made. I know the coaches & players are very frustrated though. They just have to remember it’s a young team with most players without any previous experience. And they are scoring points every week…
  • I’m getting more & more inquiries about photos. I possibly have a party job coming up… and parents are going to start ordering photos as well. Maybe I’ll be earning my keep soon.
  • Time to get back to editing…. hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  • Fall is in the air. Sort of.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “Sunday Rambling”

  1. Have you registered your cell phone number with the national Do Not Call list? I know some people don’t think it helps, but it does. Plus when you receive a spam call on your phone tell them you have registered and will report them for harassment if they call again. Don’t know anything that will help with text messages though.

    • We are registered with Do Not Call…. I don’t know what to do about spam texts either. I’ve blocked the phone number through my provider. Hopefully that works for text messages too…. what a pain in the arse!

  2. Poor little hummer. We have an increase in spam calls on our home phone but so far my cell only gets a few per month. Wonder why the increase? Bet your wondering also. I stopped most of my text spams on the cell by text ing back STOP – this has worked out so far.

  3. Poor little bird. Other than the zoo, I’ve never seen a hummingbird! Glad the lemon bars turned out. The team will get better and better — stay positive!

    • I have had hummers every place I’ve lived in during the migration season… they were around for a few months before moving on. We always put out feeders. They are fun little birds to watch.

      I feel so bad for the coaches & players. They are working so hard. I know that they will be a strong team in the upcoming years but it’s hard for them to remember that I think.

  4. Ooooh hummingbirds. They seem so exotic and I would love to be in an area that was filled with them. I join you in mourning the kamikaze fellow.

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