Aug 232013

This has been a crazy crazy week!

It started off on Monday. Packing up the office for the big office move. Except that we didn’t move. So all week three of us have been working out of boxes. Ugh. This big move is sort of a sore subject. You see, my department is being moved to another building on the hospital campus. Three of us were to be moving this week – into ONE office. A very small office. With 3 of us. And we all have lots of crap that has to go with us. The jobs we do require us to keep our crap handy, not shuffled off and shoved into storage.

This 3 in 1 office thing is supposed to last 7 weeks. Then the people currently occupying the office will move out and relocated in their brand new building. That’s when the rest of our department can move over… and we can spread out, each having our own office once again.

The thing is though, why are we moving before the current occupants have moved out? No one really has the answer to that question… at least not that I’ve heard. It just seems like they want to do something.


Football starts tonight. Scrimmage game. Then next Thursday is the first official “unofficial” game… pre-season. Boy it came around fast this year!


I did a radio interview bright & early this morning. The morning drive show. It was about last week’s exercise. I’m blown away by the feedback I continue to get. I’ve set my own bar and now have to figure out how I will exceed it. Dummy.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. Sometimes the powers that be just don’t seem to get it do they. Maybe they have what they think is a good reason to move you so soon, and then maybe someone finally began to question why. It wouldn’t surprise me if you had to unpack and then pack again.

  2. Congratulations on the positive feedback for all the work you put in for last week’s exercise.
    And yes, it does seem odd (and unnecessary to move you twice. Sometimes I don’t think that ‘management’ has any of that very uncommon thing – common sense.

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