Mar 172013
  • I have spent the past several days trying to figure what the hell I’m going to do. I have no idea. None. And I’m at my wits end trying to figure out. Google Reader is going away! You have no idea the discombuberation that is going to cause in my internet world. I cannot locate a reader that works the way I want it to work. I’ve looked at at least 20 different options over the past few days and there is nothing that is satisfying me now. I’ve thought about just transferring all my subscriptions to email but my inbox would overflow in not time flat. I understand Google wants us all to use the + page but it doesn’t have a way to view feeds. Not that I’ve found anyway. So for now I’m transferring my feeds to a folder use live bookmarks in firefox. It’s not the perfect solution but it’s something until I find the right platform. I’ve looked at bamboo, feedly, pulse, reader, and lots more. Bleh.
  • Has anyone heard from Herrad or Richie? I know I’ve been out of the loop so I was just wondering… I haven’t gotten any updates on her feed, just visited her site and see there’s nothing new posted. I hope they are doing alright….
  • As much as I love the hooka vapor smoking system, and as much as it’s a great alternative to smoking… I would give just about anything for a real, honest to goodness, light me up cigarette…. holy cow
  • Men are so flippin stubborn. Many of you already know this. Coach is in that category… no doubt about it. He has been dealing with pain since we moved in June. His hip/groin area… some days it’s bad others not so much. He’s been limping and gimping for 9, almost 10 months now. He was certain that he pulled a muscle… I wasn’t so sure…especially after 2 months with no improvement. I’ve been after him to go to the doctor. Please just go get an x-ray and let them look. Nope. It’s the muscle. He’s been getting “therapy” from the trainers at school… no help. I’ve been stretching him… no help. And through all of this do you suppose he has slowed down? At all? Nope. Not even a little bit. He continues to lift unbelievable amounts of weight and do all the things he does when he feels good.
  • So finally, finally… he made an appointment to go see a doctor for some injections. He figured getting an injection into the muscle of the affected area would help the healing process speed up. He decided that it just wasn’t getting better quick enough to suit him. Gee, you think?
  • Much to Coach’s surprise… there were no injections… and there will be no injections. Well, at least not the kind he was hoping for. After an exam and x-rays, they believe he has a femoral hernia. We are waiting on an MRI at this point and then he will be going under the knife.
  • Now, most of us would be concerned about surgery, anesthesia, the pain, recovery, etc… naturally. That is a normal response to being told that surgery is in the future. But not Coach. He’s upset about the time off from lifting his beloved weights, and there is a great deal of concern about being completely ready for spring football.
  • Asshat.

(If he’d listened to me months and months ago…)

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Re Google mercilessly killing off Reader, I see Digg are looking (mercifully!) at building a reader …

    • I’m going to go read that…thanks! I’ve been using RSS Owl the past few days. I like that it works like an email client but I haven’t figured out all the features… I’m such a routine person with some things and really wish I could get a reader to work in the same ways that I had Google reader working for me haha I don’t think I’ll find that though.

  2. hey sherri – re Herrad and Richie, I have seen a few fb posts floating about in the newsfeed ether from Richie in the last few days and he mentioned a week or so ago that he was hoping Herrad would be posting again in a month or so – I think they have been having some difficulties (read hopeless service from the company supplying) with the technology that is meant to help assist H to use the computer.

  3. Surgery sucks. But if he can have the surgery and then be done with hurting, that would be good.
    I read only the blogs on my sidebar now, I simply don’t have time for a reader anymore. I do subscribe to a few via email, too. It’s a simple matter to delete them if uninterested.

    Loved the art work. Sunflower is my favorite.

    • He’s very ready to get in there and get fixed up. There are so many delays from insurance and the doc’s office. He’s frustrated with the waiting…

      I’ve got some feeds in my sidebar but don’t really access them from there. I’ve used it more as a holding spot so I don’t lose the feeds…

  4. I kind of use WordPress reader but I mostly just go directly to the blogs I want to read (like yours!) because I’m so archaic. I never really got into readers for some reason & didn’t even know google reader was going away!

    I love your drawings 😉

    • I have played around with WordPress reader… I like having a way to see a list of new posts with the headlines instead of a summary of each post. I’m so flippin picky…

      Rowdy Ruby! I love that!!

  5. Coach will be fine 🙂

    The Google reader augh! I went back to my newsfox thing no bells and whistles but . … gotta wonder what they are going to axe next? I am so glad I am used to wordpress and not stuck at googels mercy with a blogger blog. Hope I am wrong but – well gotta wonder.

    • You are right… Coach will be fine 🙂 I suspect he’ll have a hard time following doctor’s orders post-op though. Imagine that!

      I wish the developers would leave things be. Those silly programmers & coders must get bored so they roll out a bunch of changes from time to time to give them something to do. You know there’s going to be lots of glitches and bugs for them to fix with the changes….

  6. My own husband went through hernia surgery quite some time ago — he did fine. (But he is a man, so there was some “bellyaching!”
    Can’t help with the Google reader — I just plod along.
    I, too, have been worrying about Herrad. Richie wrote on FB a while back, saying Herrad had a bad day. Nothing after that.
    Love the photos and art!

    • I’m relieved that Coach’s pain is only a hernia and not something more serious in the hip itself. He’s such a healthy fellow that I know he’ll recover well. I hope Herrad is doing alright. I’ve been a bit worried about her since she hasn’t been posting anything.

  7. I hear you. And I hope that after his surgery Coach behaves much, much better than the skinny portion I share my life with. To say that he is a poxy convalescent if putting it mildly.

    • hahaha! I’m sure Coach will do well physically… mentally I think this will be tough on him. And following doctor’s orders? Nah, I don’t think he’ll do that as he should… men!

  8. Nice crosshatch in the artwork.
    I hope Coach feels better soon so that more photos of him working out can be posted on FB.
    We still need to have our vaporizer conversation.

    • I’ve been practicing the cross hatch stuff… I think I’m getting a bit better at it…

      You have just stroked a big portion of Coach’s ego LOL

    • P.S. Life got in the way of returning phone calls yesterday… ugh. I have more meetings on my calendar than I know what to do with. It’s like “they” learned my name and found my email address and I am getting flooded with invites ha! Job security….

  9. Just thought I’d share what I copied early on, and I don’t know if you have already tried these. But this was as far as I got in trying to find an alternative and knew I couldn’t go on.

    “For those who just read the news, this is easy: there are plenty of services out there, and Taptu or Feedly can easily serve as news reader. For mobile devices, try Google Currents, it’s really good. For those who are using Google Reader as a working tool, this is going to be a little more difficult. The keyboard shortcuts and the ability to quickly flag/retrieve items will be missed dearly. What would you use to replace it as a working tool?”

    • I believe that RSS Owl is going to be the winner. It works much like an email client with a reading pane window. It has the ability to share, mark for reading later, labels, tags, categories, and groupings. It has a way to set up folders for various topics (which is big for me)… I like to separate work from news from personal reading sites… This has been such a journey for me. I hate finding something new…I get something set up in a way that works for me, then bam! They take it away…

  10. The Google Reader thing is, well, upsetting is the tame way of putting it. Otherwise, I’d get profane. I’m going to keep tabs on you because you seem to be doing all the legwork, and I simply am incapable of doing stuff like prolonged internet searches. Brain just shuts down. So, thank you in advance. As for Herrad and Richie, I don’t know any more than you do and have been wondering. And I hope Coach feels better soon.

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