May 122012

it’s been a good saturday… football practice this morning. while that was going on, i went for a stroll around the area. i stumbled upon a sunflower garden… pretty!

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after practice, coach & i drove out to the rv store and looked around at some of the new tin cans they have out now. the one we live in is about 15 years old or so… would be nice to replace it one of these days. still amazes me how home-like the new models are. the ones with double slides create the sense of being in an apartment…

3 more weeks of work. i can’t hardly imagine not working. it’s sort of a weird thought to me. and a bit frightening…but i know it will work. it will.

it’s been a fairly uneventful couple of days. well, except for the weather. and i have quite enjoyed the weather we’ve been having. i think most people in texas have forgotten what spring is really like. i know i did until this year. it’s cooler in the morning, sunny in the afternoon… and then the storms come in during the evening. i can remember as a kid, it rained almost every evening in the spring time. and that’s what it has been doing this week. i wonder if this means we might be going back to some more “normal” weather patterns? probably not. my guess is that this will all end much sooner than i hope for… and then the unbearable heat and drought conditions will come marching on in. yucko.

i’ve been trying to figure out the best way to pack. i must have a system or it won’t get done in a timely fashion. and i need to make the lists. oh the lists. most especially, i need to get the list going of all the things we need to do before moving… trailer tags, horse inspection, storage unit, consignment shops, sorting – keep, trash, goodwill –

and i need to find time to draw… got the site up but haven’t had time to make anything new to add to it… that sucks. there simply is not enough time for me to do the things i want to do… no matter how i try to plan it out, it doesn’t work. mostly i think because i’m tired. just tired.



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Ps: I want to share one of your sunflower pictures with a friend of mine who loves sunflowers and is feeling down, let me know if that is ok.

  2. Hey! I just stopped by to say hi! I LOVE your sunflower pictures!!!! So beautiful! I hope you are feeling ok. Have you braved the heat yet with MS? My internal temp is so wacko!!!! Whatever you do, take time to create….even if that means throwing all your stuff in boxes! It will make you feel better! love and light,

    • i’m doing alright over here… ups and downs.. you know. the heat is definitely a huge factor… especially in my job. i’m outside more than i would like but at least i can break it up with sitting inside as well. i hope you are feeling alright?

  3. Tired sucks. And tired just doesn’t explain MS tired. There needs to be a new word.

    Take care of yourself. And yes, lists are my friend. Many, many lists. I cheat a bit though. I always put something on the list I KNOW I can cross off (shower, feed cats) so I feel I am achieving something.

    • ha! i do that too… one thing i know for sure i can get accomplished in a day… it is so rewarding to draw a line through something on the list lol … simple pleasures

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