Sep 282011
  • i feel as though i have been strangely absent around here….
  • life has taken over once again
  • gotta hate it when that happens
  • my schedule has been sorta nutso the past few weeks…. when i work two different shifts it throws my routine into a hot mess
  • and it wears me out
  • monday was fun… took off from the main job and spent the day talking to a bunch of 7th graders about a career in 9-1-1 telecommunications
  • they were amazingly engaged in the sessions… i made a power point and threw in some audio recordings…the gore always gets them
  • i included some radio traffic from an “officer down” incident… guy shot two officers with a high-powered rifle as they were approaching his house
  • and a few 9-1-1 calls…. a child choking and a mall shooting, oh and a bank robbery
  • the website these come from is amazing for training new dispatchers
  • you can even listen to ALL the September 11, 2001 logging tapes as well as many of the 9-1-1 calls here
  • overall, it was loads of fun… but i was wiped out by the end of the day – and my bronchitisy throat was rendered pretty much useless after talking for 4 hours… can you say froggy? ha!
  • we had some excitement on job 1 yesterday…. had our own officer down incident… turned out with a happy ending but only after the officer down, an escape from custody, and lots of other excitement….
  • i haven’t had time to do much drawing the past few weeks either… what with being sick and working screwy hours the time just hasn’t been there
  • i’m hoping things calm down soon
  • i looked up tonight and realized…. shit, its Wednesday? already?
  • football tomorrow night and then friday night…. where does the week go?
  • coach had a flat tire on his motor scooter saturday… he didn’t dump it (crash) but he’s pretty bummed out… weather is nice and he’s driving the truck….
  • i’ve been listening to the MJ/Conrad Murray trial on HLN…. man…
  • on the MS front… been a bit wonky the past few days… more so than i was when the cold/bronchitis crap was full-blown… wonder what that’s all about?
  • i’m rapidly approaching another year under my belt of this human life… i used to think that i don’t look or feel my age
  • but now i do
  • i look every bit of those years i’ve been here… all of a sudden… and i feel it to
  • i thank MS for that… i have aged so much in this past year
  • off to eat some dinner now… at 9:53 in the PM…. ugh
  • oh before i go, let me share this lovely gem with you
me lanier 9-2011

aren't i just precious ?! ha! this was taken at the end of the game last week

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  13 Responses to “strangely absent, sort of”

  1. This has nothing to do with your post, although about that, I just wish for you to be well. What with having MS and working as hard as you do, you don’t have time for getting sick. But the other thing I wanted to tell you is that I came across something in the blogs that I follow which made me think of you and your art immediately. This is being sold in a regular store! Anyway, here’s the link:

    • oh Judy! that is a neat drawing… and on a dish mat! wow! i have got to start expanding my horizons a bit LOL thank you so much for sharing that with me

      and i’m starting to feel a bit better…cold finally wavering away and the weather is cooling off some… whew!

  2. What an amazing post, I’m out of breathe just reading it and in awe.
    I’m jealous u have such right livlihood, that u can mezmerize kids and that whatever is going on with ur body does not stop u from giving, giving, giving and loving.
    When you stand back, do you see how fully your life is being lived. I wish I could say the same.
    & so sorry to disappoint you – but you look so outstandingy coooool in that photo.
    If I saw you on the street or in a store I would have to talk to you. you’re an F**in goddess!

  3. My such a busy bee!

  4. I struggle when I don’t blog too. It’s like I’m “supposed” to do it. I need to learn to blog for fun instead of making it a chore.

    Hope your feeling much better very soon!

    • i know what you mean Angie… i don’t necessarily feel like i’m “supposed” to… but when i don’t write i feel like something is missing from my world… the kicker that coming up with something isn’t always easy… okay that’s not exactly right… i can always find something be it news or trivial stuff… but it’s so much more fun for me to take some little small thing in my day and make that molehill into a huge sarcastic mountain ha

  5. You need to put up a Blogging Without Obligation sign. Google it and read the philosophy behind it. You’ve been very busy and sick on top of it. Of course you’re going to miss a few days.

    • i was just reading that blogging without obligation sign on your blog yesterday and thought “what a great statement”! it’s funny because i feel as though i let myself down when i don’t write at least a little something… i love to do it and feel bad when i don’t… oh well… can’t get it all done all the time LOL

  6. I’m with Karen. Running a temperature often gives my MS the heads up to come out and play. And you look great in that photo. Love it. And won’t be sharing one of me anytime soon.

    • thank you! i look at pictures of myself and think that it’s not really me… is it? but alas, it is LOL

      i have been lucky so far with the fever thing… it hasn’t hit me except for the first few days last week…. it’s just that lingering annoying sinus/cough stuff now… i wish it would all move on now haha

  7. Wow, you have a busy life- no wonder you are worn out! It’s a possibility that the bronchitis has triggered a relapse. It might be time to take a rest Sherri, or at least curtail some of your activity. And…I think you look great! Gawd…I’d hate to put my pic up on my blog right now!

    • i’m really hoping that things with my ol body are going to calm down soon… wonky sucks… but then you already knew that 🙂 i would so love to be able to afford to slow down… i’ve thought of looking for a different job that provides more consistent hours but with the market such as it is, not much hope of that… one of these days i will be able to just quit working… won’t that be nice? oh… i look forward to that day!

      thanks so much for the compliment on the pic LOL i think i look horrible hahaha i went to that game all trashy looking, not even caring what my outfit looked like … poor coach! ha

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