Sep 142010


i am blocked.

blocked. what a word. is it like a blockage? ok no… that’s not it…

i just haven’t thought of anything funny, serious, heavy, worthy, or indifferent to share with my fabulous followers… all 65 of you! but i will. i know i will.

something will come… the words will flow. i’m looking for inspiration.

i could tell you how bad things are at work.

i could tell you how we have no money.

i could tell you how my jaw isn’t all that much better.

i could tell you how i’m dizzy every  morning when i wake up.

i could tell you how i have no motivation for anything right now.

but these aren’t the things that make for interesting reading. so i’ll wait…something will come. and it will be full of humor, sarcasm, and wit…. right?


*7/23/12 Edit: as i go through past posts and get some organization here on this blog, i find myself reading posts from before my MS diagnosis. this one in particular really stands out… there are symptoms of the MS here….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “stopped up”

  1. Can I post a rebuttal containing all things good without making you barf (I’d hate to make your jaw any worse.)

    Work is really bad and that sucks, but you have a job.

    “We have no money” but you have each other. Being alone and having no money sucks balls. (Excuse my language — feeling feisty this morning.) I bet you can cut back somewhere, but if not, the Walmart greeter position is always a good second job and think of the stories you could share with us!

    And your jaw, well, I am sorry to hear you are suffering pain. But I can offer you this remedy: Kiss Coach at least three times a day, and slowly work your way up to six (Slowly! you don’t want to overdo it) — great strengthening exercise, raises the heart rate (cardio), and erases short term memory . . . What pain?

    Dizzy? Unfortunately, the kissing exercises have side effects — you guessed it, dizziness. Now you’ll be dizzy all day, so you won’t know any different; it will become your norm.

    You think you lack motivation??? I just reached thru my screen and smacked you. Work, school, caring for family and friends, blogger . . . Keep a journal of what you do every day. You’ll go to sleep happy seeing how productive you truly are. And sorry for the long comment. YOU motivated me. : )

    • oh kj! i just love you! you always make me smile (feeling warm & fuzzy)… i’m sure that when Coach gets home tonite and reads all this he will agree with you ha he is a smoochie kind of guy

      i already have a second job that should be pretty entertaining – well it is…but i’m not supposed to really talk about the calls and stuff – something about privacy they said ha

      i do think i might enjoy wal mart greeter – popcorn, weirdos, and of course an employee discount!

  2. I think “the Blessings” have gotten in the way…just move em over to the right a little to clear a path…this would be the same as when fishing you have to hold your mouth just right!….just saying….lol

    • LOL Jim! Thank you… I needed that this morning! Those blessings can be a real curse…. Maybe if I stand with my left leg bent behind me my right arm up in the air, tilting slightly to the left… and stick my tongue out to the left it will all come back to me…. Do you think the foil hat may help? haha

      • Sherri….all the above tactics are proven winners!…Well all except the foil hat, I would ditch that idea, it seems that there is data out there somewhere that indicates the foil will actually hold ideas in. It has something to do with transference….lordy, that was a line of crap…huh….lol

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