Sep 062011

settling in for the pedicure

so now that he’s all settled in and feeling very manly, the little girl starts working on his feet… she clipped and filed and buffed… he did really well… until she started buffing the bottoms of his feet… you see, coach is very ticklish on his feet. it’s my first go to spot when i need him to laugh, or when i just want to pick on him… i love him like that 🙂

ahhh the warm wraps on the tootsies

after the buffing came the massaging with nice cool lotion/oil stuff… he loved it… until she went between his toes… that is even more ticklish than the bottoms of his feet….

and once his feet were all pretty and nice, it was on to the manicure…

he was such a good sport!

yesterday was spent at the EOC keeping track of the massive fires burning all around us… on my way home i took a couple of pictures of the smoke i could see…. bear in mind that these fires are about 30 miles away… amazing…

bastrop fire

looking to my left

looking to my right

and over this long weekend i was able to finish up a design i was working on ….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  12 Responses to “stole coach’s computer and here are the pictures i told you about yesterday”

  1. Looks like the pedicure was fun. I’ve been wanting to get my husband to go with me for a long time. It’s not because he doesn’t want to… we just haven’t had a child-free afternoon AND the money required at the same time.

    I was near Smithville when the fires broke out. We cut our holiday weekend short and skirted around the fires late Sunday evening and went home. You could see the orange glow of the fires against the night sky… and the smoke looked like a wicked storm blowing in. It is truly humbling to see the massive power of a natural disaster.

  2. LOVE your artwork. And coach is amazing. Smaller portion would rather poke his eyes out.
    And fires are so scary. Hopefully they will be contained v soon.

  3. Those fires are amazing. It’s so sad at how many things are damaged during fires. Praying for all those affected!

  4. He looks like he really enjoyed it! Hubbers would never do that!
    Nasty fires, I hope they stay far away from you.
    A superb Tangle!

    • Although he will most likely never admit it… I fully believe he enjoyed this experience… of course, he’s a bit perturbed that I posted it all over the interwebs LOL

  5. Dang those fire look bad. Praying hard for all those affected.

    • they are horrible fires… such devastation… more than 500 homes lost is what they are saying so far this morning… very little containment still… at the wind decided to lay down for a little while

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