May 082012

what a wild ride we had last night! wow!

it all started out with some casual thunderstorm warnings…. possible chances of some rain and thunder….

it ended with gusts up to 70 mph and the biggest, fattest raindrops i think i’ve ever seen in my life! we were at football practice… well, it was supposed to be football practice except that no one showed up…. so anyway, we were sitting around chit-chatting when the wind began to switch – the house to pitch and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch

but thankfully, there was no witch trying to thumb a hitch on her broomstick….

and we are still in kansas toto…

but man o man! we made it to the car and began the arduous drive home… in that type of wind and rain, well, i sorta despise driving. we made it home safely to discover that the power was off… imagine that. and it remained off. until sometime after 1 in the morning… dang it. i ate cold pizza for dinner. coach at an orange. he played spider solitaire and i read a book. we tried not to use our phones in case the power didn’t come. we needed to save the phone juice for the morning alarm clocks ha! and hot? oh yeah… hot.

this morning all is pretty and sparkly clean. the sky has some lingering clouds but the sun is peeking through a bit. i heard this thing was a cold front… so instead of the high being 97 today, it’s 87… i’ll take it!

in the meantime, a friend of mine from high school posted an old picture of me and oh my! the wings took about 1/2 can of aerosol hairspray to keep in place…. and the overalls? my favs… i still love overalls although i don’t currently own any…

1980.... oof!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “still in kansas”

  1. Your secret is out– YOU ARE REDHEAD!!

  2. I’d love to hae a pair of those in that color!

  3. I am too top heavy for overalls. Love them on others. Aren’t you glad that hairspray is a thing of the past?
    Hate storms – have been in houses struck by lightening twice. Alone both times. Not fun. V scared now. One of our cats velcroes himself to the carpet under the bed and if I would fit I would join him.

  4. I love storms as long as everyone/everything is safe.

    Nice wings. I can’t imagine how much time it’d take me to get my hair to stay like that!!!

  5. Okay, I’m giggling…the pic, not the storm. An I had overalls too!

  6. Sherri, I hate those kind of storms — they scare the bejeebers out of me! I went to your new site — love it! Have you tried Etsy or Pinterest to sell? Oh, and I love overalls!!

    • i do have pinterest but not Etsy… i went and looked into it but don’t have the money to pay for posting items there yet… so i’ll hold off and look at it again if things actually start selling πŸ™‚

      i love pinterest!

      we get some real whopper storms this time of year… but i will take it over last year… not one flippin’ storm all spring which led to the horrid heat and drought…

  7. Love that hair! The overalls….Well let’s just say that my ex wore the overalls. All the time. More out of laziness than for the look. Overalls when you are going out to eat at the nice steak house isn’t quite the look that I was wanting to share. I told Whit if she even bought a pair that I would cut them up while she was at work. πŸ˜‰
    Guys wear overalls…..NOT GIRLS.

    • i LOVED my overalls… i also had an engineer style pair… you know, blue/white stripes… and i had some khaki ones and some denim ones… so pffftttt! i will say though that i didn’t wear them on date night or anything that required a bit more style. hey, overalls are a style! what am i saying?

      overalls rock! just think of all the styling options… some can be very sexy….

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