Jun 292013

It’s been a very busy week for me. 

We still have no internet. So far, a full 8 days with no service at home. Currently, I’m sitting in my office waiting my turn to present at the Annual Peri-Operative Fair. I’m not technically on duty so I figured I would spend a minute or two catching up here. The presentation is for the surgical staff on Surgical Fire Prevention and Response. It’s about an hour long  with lecture and video followed by a short test knowledge assessment. 

Edit: I just finished my presentation… got the call they were ready for me as I was typing all this junk out. It went well. They even clapped when I was done. Quite possibly the applause was because I was done and not because I did a fantastic job discussing fires in the surgical suite.

On to the stuff of the  past week… 

  •       I listen to talk radio when driving. The other day I heard an advertisement that made me stop and really listen… something I don’ t normally do… listen to commercials. Anyway, this woman was asking for young women in relationships with much older wealthy men to send their story in. She is looking for good & bad stories about the relationships. There’s a website to visit: http://earnthenecklace.com  Oh my. I bet it’s going to end up like a penthouse forum for May/December romances.
  •       The ruling on gay and lesbian marriages. I don’t care about the issue one way or the other. My thought is – to each his own… that reads harsher than I feel about it. Sorry. Basically, I think love is love is love… I think whatever makes people happy and helps them live an honest life… that’s what is most important. But… the thing about the ruling by the feds that I like is this – The federal government put the decision on gay & lesbian marriage back on the states. I like that! Could it be the first sign of the decrease in federalism? Returning power back to the states as it should be? Hmmm. Probably not but a girl can hope. You see, the original intent of government was that each state would have a government to handle law and legislation for itself. The federal government would handle things that impacted the nation as a whole and help to support state governments when necessary. But somewhere along the way the federal government has taken over and become supreme power. And that’s bullshit. One huge advantage of allowing the states to manage their own governments is the ability to move… if you live in a particular state and don’t agree with the laws & legislation, as a US citizen you have the right to move to another state. A person could pick & choose according to personal flavor where they would like to live.
  •       I am very excited to see my Dad again… next week! I haven’t seen him since I walked out of ICU 3 weeks ago with him on a ventilator. He’s doing very well. He is gaining strength all the time. I talk to him frequently on the phone. But it’s just not the same as putting my eyes on him, wrapping my arms around him…
  •       Work is busy. Work is fabulous. I am incredibly blessed to be in a job that I absolutely love and have a fun time at. I know there will be days that aren’t so fun… but they are few & far between.
  •       The MS beast is in full swing right now. Our temperatures are very high… 102-109 most days. The humidity is sitting at a constant 97%. This combination is wrecking my body. I have landed my ass on the floor, involuntarily curled into a lump of cramping that exceeds my wildest imagination. What happens is that mid-line torso charlie-horse type squeezing causes the rest of my torso and extremities to pull and contract inwards. I feel like a big ass doodle bug… you know how they curl up into a little roly-poly ball? Yeah, like that. Except they have such low ground clearance there’s no danger involved. For me, at 190 +/- pounds with my highest point at 67 inches above ground level… well it’s a bit more dangerous to hit the ground at my size.
  •       The roly-poly doodle bug thing happened to me the other day at work. It was a day that I was doing a lot of walking outdoors… unavoidable as I had to visit some of the other buildings and parking is scarce around here. And since it’s a healthcare campus, well, ALL the special parking spots are ALWAYS taken. Bleh. At least I had made it back to the relative privacy of my own office before ass planting. I can’t imagine how awful it would’ve been had I been in the parking lot of a hospital. I’m sure I would’ve been whisked away to the ER for assessemnt. Pointless. We all know there’s nothing that can be done. It’s a wait it out, grimace, and cool down so the body can unfurl itself. I need a scooter.
  •       And a cooling vest. A good one.
  •       I found the most comfortable shoes ever this week. They are Sketchers GOwalk shoes… Love them! And they are pretty cute with my ankle crop pants and obligatory DHR polo shirt.
  •       The other day my youngest grandgirl had “camo day” at her daycare school. My super talented daughter & her sister made a camo outfit… The grandgirl is ultra girlie so this was just perfect for her. She loves bows and tutus. And she looks so flippin cute in them. Sometimes I wish older chubby women could wear leggings and tutus. Okay, well maybe not. I just imagine a tutu would be the perfect thing to help hide the growth that I call my belly.

Addikay camo day

  •        I scored at Staple’s the other day. I’ve been needing to replace the memory cards for my camera. At times, they were unreadable or the camera wasn’t recognizing them. Mostly I could fix it by taking the card out and putting it back in. But my fear was one of these days that process would no longer work. The cards are fairly expensive so I’ve put off buying a replacement card. Anyway… a few days ago I went to Staple’s to buy a back up storage device for my work computer. Right next to those I spied a bunch of sale signs posted just above the cards for the camera! Oh man! I managed to get an 8 GB card for $40! I did a happy dance right there in the store. They sort of chuckled in an uncomfortable way… I’m sure the employees were thinking “smile, giggle… don’t let her know we think she’s bat shit crazy”


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I am very, very sorry that the weather is doing you wrong. Hugs.

    • Ah the heat… such a booger.

      I have been feeling really pretty good for several months… and now the heat is back. Ugh.

      I hope you are feeling well 🙂

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