Jun 202012

i have lived most all my adult life in the lower 1/2 of the socioeconomic scale… just above the poverty line and somewhere in the classification that some would refer to as white trash lol

i’m not trashy… i know that… i say it with great sarcasm!

we’re pretty broke and i’m thinking i need to get a nice piece of worn out cardboard and some crayons… make me a sign and hit the corner. there’s not too much competition out here in the valley. so far i’ve only come across one beggar guy… he’s got a good corner but he’s pretty far outside the city limits… i’m thinking if i head more into town, maybe near the university campus – i wouldn’t be infringing on his business and maybe i could make a buck or two… now i just need to come with something clever to write on my cardboard sign… something that would inspire people to dig down into their pockets and throw a bit of loose change my way… i’m open for suggestions!

i wonder if that would count as income or a job? if so, i might have to think twice because i don’t want anything to interfere with my disability application!

tonight prepared one of my favorite low-income, cars up on blocks, 15 dogs and a rooster in the yard meals…. hamburger helper! we had the cheeseburger variety tonight and it was quite tasty… my only complaint would be that the package of pasta was pretty skimpy… sheesh! the least they could do is load a person up with useless pasta carbs… keeps the belly fuller for longer…

so my solution? i cracked open the spaghetti noodles and broke them into small pieces – about 1-2 inches in length and added an extra cup of water to the contents listed on the package. turned out quite nice! we licked the skillet clean

i’m thinking some fishsticks and macaroni will be on the menu soon ha! that takes me back to the days of being a young single mom… i remember ashley getting so sick of fishsticks and macaroni…. one time she was sitting at the table pushing her sticks around and she looked at me…with big sad, yet hopeful eyes “mom, i would just love to have a big ol juicy steak with a baked potato”… i felt so freakin guilty… like a total shit…

so the next day i found a magazine and cut out some pictures of a lovely steak/potato dinner… i taped it down on her placemat and served it to her…. (don’t worry, she thought it was great) (and i had a taco salad in the oven waiting for her)

today was nice… temps were in the mid 80’s all day. burr!

i took coach to work this morning. it was looking pretty much like it would downpour at any  moment and i didn’t want him to be out on the scooter risking getting caught in the rain again. i met some of the other coaches…they seem like a pretty nice group of 12 year olds lol ok not really… they are all grown men… physically and chronologically… but other than that? 12 year olds. coach fits right in 🙂

i spent some time on skype with addi kay the other night… she’s the youngest grandgirl. she’s 2 going on 23. and an absolute hoot! her hand is looking pretty good and healing up nicely… all shiny pink… she let me know that when dad is cooking noooooddles, it’s not good to touch the stove ha! when she says noodles, she says it just like i typed it up there… and she purses her mouth in a little “o”… funny shit

i watched “the talk” today… jack osborne (i haven’t read the linked interview yet) was on there talking about his new dx of MS. i feel for him. he seems to have a pretty good handle on it considering he found out 6 weeks ago. but his girl? mmm not so much. she basically kept saying “oh he’s fine”… one of the hosts was talking to him about stress, new baby, engaged, etc…. they were asking him if that was having an impact on his MS…. the girl cut him off and basically said “there’s too much to do for him to worry about the MS – diapers to change, appointments to keep, things to do, places to go”  – me thinks that girl is in for a rude awakening one of these days soon.

that’s all i’ve got for now… i have some things i’ve been thinking on from that book i just finished (tuesdays with morrie)… i imagine i’ll be writing a bit about it all when i figure it out and get it straight in this mind of mine…

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “steak and potatos and MS”

  1. Sherri what a mouth -watering post. Now I’m hungry for some HH. I love how you write so tongue-in-cheek but it’s basically not so funny. We are experiencing the same kind of need for cardboard. The other week a griend invited some of us for a BBG dinner. There was lots of salad, bbg chicken and pork chops. Well girl, i have never eaten a porkchop in my life. we eat chicken a couple of times a week. there’s a spanish place nearby that you have get two delicious pieces of chicken with rice & beans for $5.99, delish. but as my daughter noa once said (really) is “you can BBG it, you can fry it, you can boil it or smother it in chinese sauce. whatever you do it’s still chicken.” So when i saw those porkchops I had to rationalize my not eating them and I couldn’t. after all i love to eat chinese spare ribs, which my mother told me were kosher just to shut me up when i was about 6 years old. SO I did, and did and did, I ate three freakin’ pork chops and brought home the bones for sofi. yikes, what a meal.
    The best part of our situation is that we can both be tongue-in-cheek about it and realize that it is what it is and we both got LOVE. hugs to you

    • I forgot to mention that that chicken rice & beans is shared between us – okay and a bit for sofi. she gets very huffy when we don’t share. I’ve been begging deklah to get skype so i can talk to Oliver and see Gideon and may have a couple of words with her. Sometimes I just can’t
      figure out some of my kids, more hugs.

      • i love chicken, rice & beans…. nice hearty meal that keeps me full!

        skype is so fun! i didn’t own a webcam but had to go out and buy one so that i could talk to the girls… and i’m so glad that i did! and i didn’t spend hardly any money at all… i think i paid $10 for the cam

    • i have never been a big fan of pork chops… when we were kids, pork was one of the more inexpensive meats so mom made pork chops a lot… but some BBQ pulled pork? oh my! if you haven’t had pulled pork you MUST try it

  2. I forgot to waatch The View yesterday. Rude awakening is right. I did see Sharon when she announced it.Oh well I guess I can find it on youtube. Take care

    • i think if you go to the talk’s website you’ll be able to watch the interview… he seems to have a pretty realistic view on it all for now but man that girl of his….. eek

  3. Sherri,
    you make me lol every day with your too close for comfort antics about real life. Girl I’d throw you a dollar and ajar of peanut butter if you were on the steet……I personally think it would make for a great blog post—

    “my day on the street…………”
    thanks for hte smile…

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