Jun 192013

Let me ask you something…..

Have you ever been walking along on a nice evening, ol’ man by your side, dog in the lead looking for the perfect spot to take care of business… things are normal & nice… when all of the sudden someone jumps out of nowhere and stabs you in the side of the head with an ice pick?


I guess maybe it’s just me.

Those types of things happen to me all the time.

The other day I was walking down the hallway at the hospital and someone reached out and branded me on the back with a huge hot stick. Another time I was sitting in a meeting room when someone under the table wrapped some bare electrical wires around my left calf.

I don’t when or who, but I must’ve really pissed some folks off!

Seriously though…

I find it curious how these things happen so instantly, out of nowhere, and then disappear almost as quickly. Of course, there is always some sort of residual after effect to deal with. But so far the residual junk has been temporary.

Tonight someone stabbed me above my right ear with an ice pick… I dropped the garbage sack I was carrying… I doubled over and had to just rub my head. I looked around for the invisible culprit… of course, there is none… only the beast that feeds on my nervous system.

I’m sure I look bat shit crazy when I jump and spin around looking for the invisible person who has caused invisible stabbings to my body. If I’m not careful, I may just end up as a patient at Bedlam… eek!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “Stabbings and Electrocutions”

  1. I don’t get any of the weird pain things like that, just, in the beginning some incessant itching on my shoulder, and one leg went cold one night, andthe other one went hot – and they switched the next day. No, I just have mobility problems, and B&B issues. I think that’s enough.

    Oh yeah, there’s the sleep thing, too. really like to sleep.

  2. Ouch, wow! I can only imagine that kind of pain. You’re very brave to go through pain with such grace!

  3. Yuck! I don’t get the sharp pains like that but I get the knotted muscles and the constantly raw nerves. Raindrops falling on my head is like being stoned with fire. It burns my skin with each drop. Is this global warming or fibromyalgia? Somebody go ask Al Gore. LOL
    If I ever find out who attacks y’all with stealth, they’re in for it big time. If I find out which pharmaceutical company stole my brain leaving a foggy mess and clumsy clown, they’re getting sued.
    It’s going to rain today. Where is Al Gore when you need him?

    • I wish for rain! Every morning I wish for rain… it comes so rarely down here. But I know if it hurt when it hit my skin I wouldn’t wish so hard for it…

      And if you find out about the pharmaceutical company and brain fog be sure to let me know!! I think many of us want to jump on that one!!

  4. Yup. And he (I am certain it is a he) wakes me up a night shrieking when he ties my muscles into knots.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s a he too… although women can be pretty vindictive so maybe…

      Ah the muscle knots.. I sure hate those. Ruins a perfectly good night of sleep. I can’t remember the last time I slept an entire sleeping session. How I long to go to bed and sleep for more than 3 hours in a row! That would be better than winning the lottery I think!

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