Jun 212011

just asked coach what he’s doing… he said “hanging out”  … i checked… he is not

ok, gather yourselves… it was funny but not THAT funny 🙂

last night we were laying in bed, winding down the day… and there is a specific routine for us… the TV is on (coach HAS to have the TV on)… coach is laying down and i’m sitting up next to him… and he is petting me…. ON MY BACK… get your minds outta the gutter!

and i read my ereader… right now the Edgar Sawtelle book… really good story…

and we were talking… i get sort of goofy at night… my mind gets a bit more creative and a bit out in left field shall we say…. you would’ve never thought such a thing of me, right?

so somewhere, somehow… don’t ask me where or how… i came up with this thought….and i bet i could get rich… unless of course someone has already done this…

fake boobies that have squeak toys in them…

how fun would that be? give it a squeeze and it makes a noise! hahaha

then it moved on to squeak toys in the type of implants some men need later in life…. oh my! that would put an end to self-pleasure in certain places (like public restrooms and hotels with thin walls maybe, or in the mop closet at work)…. ha!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  22 Responses to “squeak toys”

  1. Trapper said,”Finally! Somebody more warped then me!”
    Tears were rolling….DANG, IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK!!!!!!!

  2. I think I said reward – god help my brain – Please come by and pick up your award.

  3. Hi Sherri, stop by my blog and pick up your award! Have a good weekend.

  4. My mind is boggling.  Perhaps boobs that could play a tune would be fun too.  Though as people have said, they would seriously need a pet deterrent.  Our cats LOVE their squeaky toys.  And play rough.

  5. OMG you are SO RIGHT!!!  We blond bimbos would be ALL OVER the squeakie boobies!!!  HAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAA so cracking up over here!!!

    • now now… you are not a bimbo!! 

      but wouldn’t squeaky boobs be sorta fun? haha 

  6. Boy, you DO get creative at night. I can just see both of them. Keep that creativeness coming.

    • lol yes i do… i always forget the next morning though what i was talking about… i need to write it down or pay coach to remember my ideas for me

  7. you are a total nut case!   
                “then it moved on to squeak toys in the type of implants some men need later in life…. ”  WHAT?? They get implants – where?  What?  Silicone?  Popsicle stick?  I never heard about this.  What a pisser. 

    • ha paula!! 

      they do have, um, implants…. to help in the endowment or firmness department ha! 

      • I am so not asking for more information about that. In fact, I m going to take a long shower.

  8. You must have a little time on your hands! Squeaky bobies? Sign me up!

    • i have very little time on my hands hahaha imagine what would go in my mind if i had more down time… scary!!!

    • “time on your hands” – I’m staying away from that one!

  9. Just imagine what a porno movie house would sound like. “squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak etc.” 
    Hi Sherri yes this my first comment to you passed on from my dear Paula Devi.

    • hahaha i didn’t even think about a porn movie house! oh my!!

      thanks for stopping by…. i like to think of her as my dear Paula too 😉

  10. As W-spouse might say “WHATTHELLEVER”!

    Get our minds out of the gutter? Girlfriend, we go through that same routine nearly every night. She sets down next to me, I start petting her back, then…….we don’t read books!
    I KNOW where the squeaky boobs idea came from…….
    I bet the Coach would tell an totally different story!

    I will try to call ya later 😉

    • well, some nights i may or may not read…. 😉

      and coach would tell you that my mind works in mysterious ways… he just lays there and laughs at me…. actually, i think this sort of oddness is what keeps him coming home ha!

  11. I so can not for the life of me get into squeak toy boobies – ok maybe just me but?

    Then again where our minds go in the evening time well for that matter any time who knows.

    I am thinking it was one of those you had to be there and intimate laughter moments we all cherish.

    does your invention include built in dog deterrents – seriously that could end up being a bad thing!

    • i don’t think i’d go so much for the squeaky boobs either…but i bet there a lots of blond bimbos that would…. haha

      i thought about the dog thing too…. might be a situation where if you have squeaky toys you may have to forgo pets

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