Dec 142013

Whew, this past few weeks has been hectic! In most industries December means the dreaded end-of-year crunch… the last ditch effort to get all the required tasks done before the 31st comes around. And so it is with me. I’ve conducted 12 fire evacuation drills in the past 2 weeks… and I’m still standing and able to tell about it LOL

On the surface, 12 drills in 10 working days doesn’t seem like all that much. Each drill activity takes less than 10 minutes, most less than 3 minutes. The documentation that is produced for each drill, however, is an entirely different story. The drill pre-plan, the after action report, the corrective action plan… holy moly.

But it’s done! The guys in my department, the life safety techs, have been fantastic. They go with me and help monitor the evacuation process…they reset the fire alarm when the drill is over. Yes, we activate the fire alarm…generally, with a pull station. What fun is a drill without all the bells and flashing lights? Ha!

The other night I had to go in to the ol job to conduct a night shift fire drill. Not late thankfully… Around 8:45ish or so I came to my intersection and made a cautious right turn – cautious because they drive all bat shit crazy down here. After the successful turn, I noticed a cop up ahead, lights flashing to indicate he caught someone being naughty. The closer I got to the traffic stop … it started looking odd. Something was outta place… not quite right somehow. When I got up to the area… oh man! The cop had a gigantic hot dog pulled over!



For whatever reason, I found this to be extremely funny. I laughed til I almost wet myself… almost. Thank goodness I was able to gain control of myself. But at that moment, my funny little mind created several scenarios

  • That hot dog is stuffed with marijuana and the officer is gonna have to climb up in there and search it. (drug smugglers down here will put pot in just about anything)
  • Does the operator of a speedy dog car have to wear a hot dog uniform?
  • Did he try and bribe the officer with a hot dog & chips?


Coach & I have been out and about today running errands. Holy cow. I tend to forget Christmas is 10 days away and there is this incredible mad dash to buy buy buy! The people are crazy. We had several stops to make and it was harrowing. In the end, we managed to get everything we needed…. and that stuff wasn’t Christmas stuff but just ordinary normal every day stuff.

I am thrilled today! Even with the crazy buy buy buy people mucking up my day….

We went to a organic farmers’ market type store… almost Trader Joe’s but not Trader Joe’s… and they  had something I’ve not been able to find since moving down here. Something very dear to me and something that makes me feel happy and peaceful.

Patchouli! Real, uncut Patchouli oil! I snagged the biggest bottle they had and I’m happy happy happy as they say on that silly duck show.

And I even got Patchouli cone incense.

Let’s see…what else…

Oh, the diet.

It’s been one month now and 12 pounds are gone. Yay! I’ve done really good at keeping my carb intake at 21 grams or less and sugar intake about 3 grams per day. I admit I’ve had 3 cheat days for the month. I’m guilty. I didn’t gain anything and was able to easily go back to the diet the next day. So, 39 more pounds to go. The weight loss has leveled off to between 1-2 pounds per week which is normal. I do miss that huge weight loss though. 2 pounds a week is gonna take a while… 5 months. Coach has to keep reminding me in his coacherly way “It’s not a sprint… it’s a marathon baby, it’s a marathon”. I hear that a lot from him LOL

Are you ready for Christmas? It sure came around fast this year! I’m ready. It took me 49 years to figure it all out… I did my shopping between August and November. I’m done. No stress. I’m not broke. And I got nice things for everyone. Why in the world did it take me 1/2 century to figure it out? Sheesh!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. And why has it taken me OVER fifty years to learn Christmas wisdom. I still have a little shopping to do, a lot of wrapping (which MS hands make a challenge) and most of the baking.
    Enjoy your more orderly, stress free Christmas. And congratulations on the diet.

  2. Except your Christmas present!!!!!!!

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