Mar 222013

You remember a while back I#008080;"> #008080;">wrote about going to the eye doctor… 1 or 2, 2 or 3, 3 or 1…?  Yeah well, today I got my new specs.

new specs

They are huge. I feel like a true nerdy type girl now. I was forced to choose large specs because I’m getting old and require tri stinkin focal lenses. Pft. And this no line progressive crap is making me nauseous. 2/3 of my world is always out of focus now. That’s a trip. I have to figure out the proper head tilt chin lift eyeball position to get things to focus…. is it far, close, or even closer? Ugh… they say it will take about a month to get used to this crap.

The silver lining perk to all of this… because there is ALWAYS a silver lining perk of some sort in everything:

bangs and glasses

They are transition lenses! I cannot begin to tell you how happy this makes me. I have been without the comfort of sun shades for 2 years because I couldn’t swing buying 2 pairs of specs. But these babies… oo la la! I have great vision insurance that actually paid 100% for the extra wing dings they try to sell you at the ol’ optical shop.  I just noticed that the moles on my face are getting sorta big… they’ve been there my whole life but they appear to be much bigger these days. Maybe they’re getting old and saggy like the rest of me…

Also, notice the bangs…. yes, my hair is growing out. For now. If these 100 degree days continue I don’t know that I’ll hold out on the growing the hair long gig. I’m trying to stick to it though.

The other day was pay day… cha-ching! Not only was it pay day, it was also the day that Uncle Sam paid us… double cha-ching! So Coach & I splurged and went to Luby’s. We like Luby’s. And looky at what I got…


Oh my.


I think I moaned out loud… more than once.

Work is good. I’ve built a database for all my stuff. I’ve created some quick referece guides for various emergency response actions, I’ve presented stuff to the director’s group, I have been made a member of the trauma committee… I think they figured out my email address because all of the sudden I have a very full calendar.


I finally know why the birds are angry…

angry bird

Sheesh, I’d be pretty damned angry too if my ass was dragging pavement all the time!

I saw this when I was driving home from work today… I guess the hanging bird is better than the hanging truck nuts.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “Specs and Stuff”

  1. Great glasses. And reactor light. Great stuff. Lol at the angry bird. Work sounds good and payday even better. What is that you ate? Looks like pancakes and strawberries.

  2. Snazzy new glasses, girl!! I love reading your posts — they always bring a smile to my face!!

  3. Love the new glasses on you!

  4. Love the glasses! I need new ones and from what I see, the big ones are back in style.

  5. New specs alway make me puke for the first few days!

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